A hands on kind of leader...

Wednesday November 25, 2020

Jen smiled at the camera, holding her mic, and waiting for the football player that was approached from behind it to arrive.

When she’d signed the contract for her dream job of being a sports reporter for the premier league she’d been ecstatic, even if it was for startup internet channel in the US. Hell, ever single one of the people she’d talked to throughout the interview process had referred to the game as soccer for pete’s sake!

She was doing what she dreamed of and that was what was important. She’d use the opportunity as a stepping stone to bigger and better known sports broadcasters, they just won’t give her the time of day without the experience that was impossible to get without them.

Things had taken a strange turn though when they flew her to the US headquarters for “training”, she’d heard of the strange workplace training that many US companies had instituted, but she never believed they’d fly her all that way to do it. It had in her contract as well, but she hadn’t paid much attention to those clauses, her lawyer having gone over it and seeing nothing out of the ordinary.

They had scheduled her for four weeks in a five star hotel, so she hadn’t really been able to complain all that much, but it did seem excessive. She’d go in to the offices each day and sit infront of a large monitor and an instructor would start the standardized videos. He’d come back a few times to check up on her and again at the end of the day.

The first week had started out alright, basic stuff like workplace policies and the like, but at some point during it the tone of it changed. Instead of going over what to do if she experienced harassment in the workplace, it was talking about how to encourage men to sexualize her.

When the instructor returned at the end of the lesson, she had started to complain about the content. He just smiled, reached out, and gave her ass a smack!

Instead of shouting out and running to HR, she smiled, stepped in closer and… and… and giggled!

Ten minutes later she was half naked, on her knees, sucking him off.

When she was done, instead of taking her back to her hotel room, they took her to a plastic surgeon and an hour later she was under his knife having god knows what done to her body.

When she woke up, she was back in her luxery hotel room, bandaged up, and drugged up on pain killers. A nurse attended to her for a while and then left, but not before turning on the TV which started playing more training videos.

That week was a blur to her, between the pain meds, the training videos, and her growing confusion in general, it wasn’t until the start of the third week that she could clearly remember something.

And that something was her new wardrobe. Gone were her professional shirts, pants and suits, replaced with brightly coloured tops, skirts, and shoes. The training videos that week focused completely on proper attire and appearance for her. Near the end of the week she was taken to a salon and had a complete makeover.

But the final week of training was the most intense, it was focused entirely on sex and the company had provided a plethora of sex toys for her to practice with.

Jen swiveled her shoulders from side to side so that her tits would follow just as Justine, the captain of the team, stepped out from behind the camera and stood beside her.

“Ok, we’re rolling…” her camera man said as she watched the red light turn on.

“Like, hi everyone! I’m totally here with Justine, like, just before the big game! *giggle*”

Justine smiled as she stuck the mic in front of him, “Hi Jen, always great to see you.”

Jen blushed and giggled at the wolfish grin he gave her. Not because he was rich, famous, handsome and insanely in shape, but because her pussy was still sore form the balls deep hammering she’d taken last night from him to secure this interview.

“*giggle* Thanks Justine! So, now, like, the fans really want to know what you think of your chances today…”

Jen finished up the interview, asking several follow up questions that, if you ignored the delivery and just focused on the content, were insightful and probing. Of course she giggled and wiggled her way through the entire thing and got the exact same answers as she would have either way.

She watched the red light turn off and her camera man gave her the all clear.

Justine gave that wolfish smile again and leaned in close to her, reaching around and grabbing her ass as he did.

“You know… the rest of the team would love to met you and I’m sure you could convince them to do interviews too.”

She let out a little moan and closed her eyes for just a second as he squeezed her ass, “Like, I’d looooooove to meet them too! *gigle* But, like, only on one condition…”

Justine raised an eyebrow, “Oh?”

“Yeah, like you totally hammer the fuck out of my pussy again! *giggle* And… you know… another interview…” she said, the second one in a lower voice and bringing a blush across her cheeks.

Justine let out a little chuckle, “I think I can manage that.” and then gave her ass a little slap and walked away.

God she couldn’t wait to get gang banged by his teammates, she was going to suck and fuck so many dicks and get so many interviews! She almost skipped off the field in joy!

After all, she did have her dream job, even if it wasn’t quite in the way she expected, and she had to enjoy it while it lasted.

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