A hands on kind of leader...

Thursday November 26, 2020

Diana pushed her ass up in to the air as high as she could as the final step in her preparations. She’d spent hours doing her hair and makeup, a few minutes putting on the fishnet body stocking, a few seconds slipping in to her stripper heels and what seemed like an eternity clasping the thick metal collar around her neck.

Getting the champaign from the fridge and a single glass from the cabinet had been the final touches that she had placed on the counter before crawling up on to it and positioning herself.

As she waited her hand wandered to the collar and touched the cool metal as her stomach did back flips at the excitement of knowing exactly what it said on the front of it, “Fucktoy, return to owner if found.”

It had been a long journey to this point, she had worked hard to get here. Months in the gym, weeks in recovery, but it had all been worth it.

At least thats what she thought about it now, she knew the old her would have a very different sentiment to it all.

The old Diana had been a real party girl, flashing just enough skin to get free drinks, and flirting just enough with the boys to keep them coming. But one night she’d flirted with Reggie and everything had changed.

Before she even knew what was happening, she had found herself out behind the club, on her knees, sucking him off in the back alley. She’d never done anything like that, no matter how drunk she’d gotten!

The rest of the night was a blur, but she could still clearly remember waking up the next morning and being disgusted with herself. She had rushed to the bathroom and brushed her teeth until her gums had bleed. Then she’d spent almost an hour in the shower trying to get clean.

At first she’d just written it off as being drunk and making a poor choice, but soon it became apparent that something else was going on. The next week when her friends arranged to go clubbing again, she’d feigned sickness and stayed home.

She hadn’t realized at the time that she would never go out clubbing again with her friends, or for that matter have another sip of alcohol.

The other changes came slowly over weeks and months, at first she hardly noticed them. She’d always gone to the gym a couple of times a week, so when she started going more often, it hardly registered.

Or when she found herself browsing the Internet, and instead of looking at the Gucci, Versace, and other high end brands, she hardly noticed herself looking at lingerie and stripper clothing.

It was when she found herself browsing around for a plastic surgeon to do her boob job that she knew something was wrong. She had always liked her C cups, why was she looking at a boob job? And why was she looking at porn stars with large fake tits to see how they might look on her?

But knowing something was wrong and being able to do anything about it were two entirely different things, and within a month she was in a doctor’s office discussing her options.

It was a month ago that she had truly lost all hope of being able to stop whatever was going on. That was when she’d ordered the collar online, with the custom inscription. As soon as she’d confirmed the order, she’d masturbated herself to orgasm right there in her living room on her couch.

Now, she couldn’t imagine being anything else than the plastic fuck toy sitting on her owner’s counter, waiting for him to arrive home.

The sound of the front door opening make her legs weak and her knees almost slide off of the counter, but she caught herself before that happened and pushed her ass up in to the air once more.

She watched Reggie step in to the kitchen and smile, “Ah, I was wondering when you would arrive. I was pretty sure you were just about due.” he said as he pulled his tie to loosen it and then slipped it off of his neck.

She wanted to reply, but knew better. Instead she took in a breath and let the sight of him wash over her.

He walked over to the counter and grabbed the bottle of champaign, expertly removing the foil before popping the cork from it and pooring it in to the single glass.

Taking a sip he walked around the counter, viewing her from every angle until her was back in front of her.

“You’ve done a good job.” he said as she walked to the side and put the bottle down behind her and rested his hand on her up stretched ass cheek.

An involuntary moan escaped her lips as she closed her eyes.

“Well, I think it’s time I got you that drink I promised you.”

Her mind flashed back to the last moments in the alley, his voice filling her mind, “I can’t wait to buy you a drink the next time I see you, though you might not enjoy it as much as you did tonight…” he’d said as he walked off.

It was then that she felt the tip of the champaign bottle press up against her sphincter and she let out a gasp, then a moan as it invaded her bowels and the cool liquid flowed inside of her.

She felt him move it around until he was satisfied with it’s positioning and then let it go, “Now don’t drop it.” he said as he stepped back and walked around to the other side of the counter. He quickly undid his pants and let them and his underwear drop to the, then he reached out and steadied the bottled with one hand and grabbed her hair with the other.

A moment later her lips were wrapped around his shaft and she was once more giving him a blowjob. But unlike last time that had been a haze of pleasure and alcohol, this time was pure ecstasy.

Before long she was in to a rhythm, stroking up and down his shaft as the alcohol seeped in to her blood stream through her rectum. By the time he’d decided to hold her head steady and start using her mouth like either of the other two holes she had, she could feel the old familar power of the alcohol taking her fully.

She came hard when his cum flowed in to her through and filled her belly, so much so that her sphincter clenched and sent the champaign bottle flying out of her ass and on to the floor, where it shattered.

Her mind, spinning form the pleasure, only just recognized him chuckling. But the slap across her ass brought her awareness back fully.

“Bad girl. Bad girl.” he said as he slapped her ass several more times.

“We’re going to have to work on that. Can’t send you out in to the world if you can’t hold your drink now can I?” He asked, not expecting an answer as his dick was still firmly lodged in her throat.

“Well, no matter, we’ll have lots of time to practice before that.”

He pulled his dick out of her mouth and took a step back before leaning over and whispering in to her ear, “After all, from now on it’s the only way you’re going to get drunk. Any you *need* to get drunk a *lot*.”

This time, unlike in the alley, she felt him push in to her mind. It was subtle, but it was there and she knew he had done something to her. Something that would make her a raging anal alcoholic.

A smile crossed her lips as she savored the feeling of being drunk after all these months. And then she wondered if he had another bottle of champaign in the fridge or if she’d have to go purchase one tomorrow while he was a work.

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