A hands on kind of leader...

Friday November 27, 2020

God it was so hard to pick up the balls and the ache in her back didn’t help matters either. Nor the heels that she was wearing she supposed.

Her finger touched the top of the fuzzy ball and then slide down each side until she had it firmly in her grasp and she stood back up, letting out a deep breath before stepping over and picking up her racket as well.

Teaching at the club had gotten so much harder since the new owners had taken over. Well, that wasn’t exactly right, at first everything had been the same as it always had at the members only country club. Tina had been a tennis instructor to the old, mostly white, membership since she’d graduated high school and had eventually worked her way up to the sports and recreation manager position she now held.

That didn’t mean she still didn’t give lessons anymore of course, she had been a state champion after all and she could improve almost anyones game.

No, it wasn’t the new management, or the new rules they had implemented, or the new training videos she’d had to watch, or the new dress code they’d implemented. No, it was the health plan.

Why did it have to be so good? Who had every heard of a company health plan with free plastic surgery?

She’d watched the waitresses and other staff slowly take advantage, boob jobs, lip injections, lifts, butt implants, you name it, and she’d held out for quite a while. But the temptation finally got too much and she’d just had a little filler added here and there, just to freshen up her look.

She walked over to Charles, the member she was currently giving a lesson to and smiled, “Hey, here you go! Now this time, try and get it over the net…” she said as she handed him the ball.

He smiled took it from her before bouncing it on the ground a few times and then lobbing it right back in to the net once more.

She rolled her eyes and let out an exacerbated sigh, “Ok, hang on a sec…” she said and walked over to the ball and repeated the process of retrieving it again.

She tried to remain calm and friendly, but it was hard, it was almost like he was doing it on purpose. Oh well, at least he was the last lesson for the day and she’d been off to the company retreat that the new management had arranged for the staff, over the next few weeks small groups of them would have a three day weekend at an all inclusive resort, as a thank you of sorts for the hard work.

Of course there was a few team building exercises scheduled, but how hard could that be?

Though the names of them did give her pause; “Playing with Balls”, “Private Parties, Private Dances”, and “Taking it for the Team” seemed like someone’s bad idea of a joke. But a few hours in a boring meeting seemed like an easy trade off for three days at a resort.

Tina managed to get back upright without tipping over and wiggled her way back to her student with a smile on her face and a dirty thought in her mind, what if they weren’t a joke at all and exactly what they sounded like?

Her pussy gave a little buzz at the idea she was suddenly looking forward to the team building exercises more than she thought she would.

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