A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday November 28, 2020

The writing spread across her tits was true of course, it had been one of the first things they had taken from her, her fear.

Without fear, there was no reason to resist. Without fear, there was no reason not to try whatever they suggested.

She couldn’t remember the last time the collar had “corrected” her behaviour, maybe when they’d given her the new workout routine that focused on her ass? Or maybe when they’d taken her to the doctors for the breast implants?

No, no, now she remembered it, it was the first time they had penetrated her ass.

She could still hear the small squeak of her own voice as she managed to get the pathetic “No” to emerge from between her lips, but the collar had jumped on the resistance and the pain that followed quickly made her betray her own self interests. The pleads and moans that followed from her lips were much more assured, growing only more so with each stroke that the man took in to her ass.

It wasn’t the same man that she was looking at now, there had been so many it would normally have been hard to tell, but the memory of that specific man’s face was still burned in to her memory and they hadn’t taken that from her. No, she knew exactly who this man was.

He smiled at her, “How are you Kandi?”

“Just fine sugar, but I’ll be better when you get that cock out from your pants.” she replied with a smirk and confidence the was incongruous with what was really going on.

She had never spoken like that in her life before, like some kind of street ghetto hooker or something, but they had taken her university vocabulary from her soon after the fear.

“Why don’t you come over and do it yourself then?”

“Fuck, about time baby!” she replied and swayed her ass over to him as fast as she could, dropping to her knees and undoing his pants. Her lips quickly wrapped around his cock when it was free and sucked him all the way in.

It wasn’t long before he grabbed her hair and pulled her off, “Fuck baby, I could suck that cock all night long!” she exclaimed as he pulled her up and then on to the bed face first.

She pushed her ass up just in time for his hand to make contact with it, the loud slap echoing throughout the room, “Yeah sugar, slap that ass!” she cried out, giving her ass a jiggle at the same time.

He happily complied, slapping it several more times before she spoke again, “Come on baby, I know you want to do more than just slap it! Put that big hard cock in to my phat ass sugar!”

He needed no more encouragement and Kandi felt him push up against her sphincter for just a moment before sliding in to her ass.

“Of fuck yeah baby! Give Kandi some of that sugar! Put that sugar right in Kandi’s ass!”

He grabbed her hips, slammed in to her ass several times, before she felt his cum enter her bowels and she screamed out in ecstasy.

“Yeah, that’s right Kandi, let me hear you use those amazing lungs make sweet music…”

Kandi Kums smiled for the paparazzi as the flashes went off on the red carpet. She was nominated for several awards, including best new artist tonight, for her debut rap album.

After a few moments Kandi turned and walked over to her manager, she had come to him a year ago wanting to break in to gospel music, her classical training giving her an amazing range.

But her manager had shown her the error of her ways. Her phat ass, big tits and raunchy lyrics had made her an instant hit. Especially when she’d let every record executive and promoter she met fuck her like the street whore that her music portrayed her as.

She took the arm of her manager as they entered the auditorium and leaned in to whisper in his ear, “Hey sugar, after I fuck’n clean up here you wanna fuck my phat ass standing through the roof of the limo driving out in front of dis place? I promise I’ll sing ya a song like you’ve never heard before.”

Her manager smiled at her and whispered back, “Ok, but we’d better record it. I bet it would make a great sample on your follow up album.”

“Fuck yeah it will!” she replied, raising her hand and touching her trademark collar as she wiggled her ass down the isle to the seat with her name on it.

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