I looked at Jasmine through the screen of living room sliding door, I should really stop thinking of her by that name, she really doesn’t like it, as she stood by the pool.

“Baby, aren’t you done work yet?” she whined and gave a pout as she jiggled her tits a bit.

I gave a smile back and shook my head, “No babe, not yet, soon though.” I called back out to her and her pout deepened even more.

She turned around and wiggled her ass a bit before walking back to the pool to continue her tanning.

For my part I shook my head and turned back to my computer screen, working at home really did have its perks. But the work from home policy of my new job was just the tip of the iceberg.

Jasmine and I had met in university at a party, we would normally never have encountered each other, she was going to law school and I was in chemical engineering. But we’d hit it off and stuck together throughout university and eventually married after we graduated.

I’d taken a job at a large pharmaceutical company and she’d gone to work for a large law firm in the city. Things had been great for the first few years, but when her firm had been hired to sue the company I was working for, things had gone downhill.

She had of course recused herself from the law suit itself, but the information and gossip she’d heard around the office had soured her opinion of the company and we’d started to have fights about it. Small at first, and then larger and larger until she demanded I quit and find a new job.

Now I was under no misconceptions about the company I was working for, they were everything she had heard about and more. I’d compartmentalized that information myself, knowing the work I was doing was going to be of great value to humanity in the long run. But at the time, I had still considered the marriage worth saving and had relented, fortunately my reputation proceeded me everywhere I went and in no time I had better offers from several competing companies.

Unfortunately, Jasmine had torpedoed each one, saying that they were no better.

The last straw had been when I’d found out that she’d been having an affair with one of the partners at the law firm. I had been completely oblivious to the signs and had been devastated.

However, I’d only found out from a very aggressive startup that had been courting me. They were a complete unknown to me and Jasmine, which had been a good thing in her eyes but a show stopper as far as I was concerned. I had of course gone to the interview, listened to their pitch, which was quite impressive I had to admit, but they knew it was only a perfunctionary visit for me.

It was only after the interview was complete that Rod, the VP of R&D, approached me and provided proof positive that Jasmine was cheating on me. He’d claimed that they had found out when doing a standard background check on me, which at the time I’d accepted.

The news had devastated me, but Rod had kept in touch and provided a lot of good advise to me, so when the offer came in from the company, I’d signed it in an almost zombie like state, still unsure of what I was going to do.

It was only after a few weeks of being at my new job that things had fallen in to place. It was no “standard” background check, they’d gone looking to recruit me and had sent a private investigator to find any dirt they could. Likewise Rod had kept in touch as the same investigation had found I had few friends that I would talk to about such a thing.

It had been a setup from the very start, and I’d been angry for the first and confronted Rod in his office. He’d calmly waited as I yelled and screamed and vented, until I had tired myself out and then simply pointed out that they had done nothing but show me the truth.

I had no response at the time, but Rod did as he turned his monitor around so I could see what was on it. It was a long and detailed paper on chemical interactions in the mind and how, under the right circumstances, it was possible to block or induce them.

I spent an hour silently reading and understanding it, but eventually I understood and turned to Rob and nodded. It was a powerful technique, allowing for a connection in the subject to be broken or a new connection to be formed, with a relatively simple chemical cocktail.

After that meeting with Rod, he’d introduced me to the project lead for it and within a week I had designed a series of doses that would completely alter Jasmine.

The first broke apart her connections to other people, while creating new connections for loyalty and commitment. Within a week she had ended her affair and confessed it to me, begging me to forgive her.

The second broke apart her connection to work for success, creating new connections between success and marriage. She quickly became a devoted, doting wife. No longer concerned with success at work, but stressed out from the demands of it, when I suggested that she simply quit and become a stay at home wife, it was like a ton of bricks had been lifted off her shoulders.

The third broke apart her connections with her education, creating new ones to her physical appearance. Our long conversations about politics and science quickly devolved in to discussions about how she might look in one outfit or another. Or what kind of hair style or makeup I’d like to see her in.

The final dose simply created hundreds of connections to her sex drive. Being near me made her horny, talking to me made her horny, showing off her body made her horny, being touched made her horny, and so on.

By the time it was all over, Jasmine, or Jazzi as she preferred now, was little more than a slutty bimbo that wanted nothing more than to please me.

I looked up from my computer just in time to see Jazzi walking up to the screen door and opening it. She wiggled her hips as she walked over to me, reaching behind her and taking her bikini top off and letting it fall to the floor. Then she wiggled her way out of her bikini thong and got down on all fours.

She crawled under my desk and her fingers quickly worked my pants open and she pulled them down around my ankles. She let out a giggle as my dick sprang to life and then looked up at me as she smiled.

“Like, Jazzi can’t wait any longer baby! Jazzi needs to suck your cock! *giggle*” she exclaimed as she dove on to my shaft.

I closed my eyes and moaned, she’d learned how to suck cock so quickly once the right connections had been made in her mind.

I opened my eyes once more an managed to move my mouse down to my chat client and set myself to “away”.

Jazzi bobbed up and down for a few minutes as I rested a hand on her head, until I noticed a silent popup appear on my screen.

“Rob: Don’t be ‘away’ for too long buddy, we’ve got the status meeting in 10 minutes. But, hey, I’m sure Jazzi can finish you off before then… lol!”

I smiled and reached down with my other hand and grabbed hold of her hair on both sides and taking control of her pace. Rob was right, and while Jazzi might be capable of finishing me off on her own, she’d stretch it out for as long as she could.

A few minutes later she was eagerly swallowing my load, sucking down every last drop she could get from me.

I reset my status on my chat client and started up the connection for the status meeting, with no time to cleanup, I let Jazzi stay under my desk and gently suck my softening shaft, the meeting was only half an hour and she would probably get me hard enough by the end of it to go a second round.

I stroked her hair and watched the need in her eyes grow ever more with my simple touch.

The status meeting started and I smiled at the title slide “Project Second Puberty: Chemical induction of a second, third or more puberty to enhance secondary sexual characteristics in women”

I’d already signed Jazzi up for the human trails and couldn’t wait to see the results. As I said, work from home was only one of many perks to my new job.