Maria cocked a hip to the side as she stood by the black SUV on the tarmac, the private jet pulling up slowly to it’s designated parking area. It took a few minutes, but eventually the hatch opened and the stairs came down, the first to exit was the blonde flight attendant and Maria could see her smudged lipstick and slightly disheveled look even from was she was standing.

Then three men walked down the stairs, looked around and stretched for a moment before heading towards her. The man in the lead was Don Capella, the head of a ruthless drug ring just south of the border. The two men behind him were his body guards, each of them having lipstick either on the face, neck or collars. Don Capella did not.

Maria smiled, both at the obvious implication that both bodyguards had taken advantage of the “in flight service” offered by her boss’ private jet, but also at the fact that Don Capella had not.

Don Capella arrived just in front of her and she smiled even more, “Welcome Don Capella. I hope your flight was… enjoyable?”

He smiled back at her, “Yes, very. Don’t you agree boys?”

“Oh yeah boss, absolutely!”

“Yeah, they need to make that a service on every flight!”

The two bodyguards replied as the let out a chuckle as well.

“Your boss certainly knows how to treat guests. And what was your name?”

“Maria Sir. I’m here to make sure your ride to the compound is just as enjoyable as your flight. Would your… associates… like to ride in the second car?” Maria asked as she waved to the other black SUV parked behind the one she was standing in front of.

Don Capella looked at his bodyguards and nodded his head towards the second SUV and they both went over and got in it. Maria stepped back and opened the door to the SUV that Don Capella entered, then moved around to the other side and entered the other back seat.

The SUV smoothly rolled forwards and headed towards the gates, “You know, that blonde stewardess put on quite the show with the boys. I’m not much in to blondes… .but brunettes are another matter.”

She smiled and slipped her sunglasses off and then leaned in, kissing him full on the lips as her hand slipped between his legs and rubbed his hardening member.

She broke off the kiss after a few minutes of his tongue probing her mouth, “I can assure you Don Capella, in the thirty minutes it will take us to get to our destination I’ll make that blonde slut look like a choir girl.”

She slipped on to his lap, facing him, and took off her jacket, then undid her top just in time for his hands to reach up and grab her tits. He squeezed and mauled them before leaning in and sucking on one of her nipples, taking it between his teeth and pulling it hard back from her body.

Her own hands were simultaneously unbuttoning her own pants, and Don Capella’s, at the same time.

Thirty minutes later, as the rolled in to their destination, Don Capella’s cock was still buried deep in her ass and she was begging him to fill her bowels with his seed.

Special Agent Maria Lopez blinked and squinted at the harsh light as she came too. She pushed her eyes shut and tried to get her bearings, where was she? What was that bright light? Why did her whole body ache?

A memory broke through the strangeness of the moment, she was beside her partner, Katherine Chambers, as the burst through the door of the drug den. Then… then pain. Pain and light. Light and pain. And now light and pain again.

Trying to open her eyes, she went to raise her hand to rub them, and found herself restrained from doing so.

“Good to see you awake Special Agent. Here, let me dim that light a bit.” A voice said and as promised the light receded and she managed to get her eyes open, only to see the blurry outline of a man standing beside the light.

“Wh… where… where am I? What’s going on? Who are you?” she managed to get out.

“Ah, yes, well.” he replied, pausing for a moment and raising his hand to his chin, “Where is… well, you’re at my facility. As to who I am, I’m Doctor Thompson. And what is happening, is, well, an experiment.”

“An… an experiment? Was… was I injured in the raid? Is this some kind of experimental treatment?”

“Oh no, you weren’t injured in the slightest in the raid. The team took you, and your partner, down without any problems.”

The words sent alarm bells through her mind, “Then.. what’s this experiment about?”

“I’m glad you asked that. You see I’ve been working with the cartel for years, ensuring their senior leadership is… fully… loyal to the Cartel Leader. I’ve had great success with it and I suggested to the Cartel that I might be able to expand my program, I just needed a few test subjects. So when they caught wind of your raid… well it was too good of opportunity to pass up. Two birds with one stone and all that.”

“Then… then, why does everything hurt?”

“Ah, yes, well you see, our fearless leader has a bit of a fetish. And so he saw no reason to not indulge a little. And since it will make no difference to me, I saw no reason not to let him. Here, let me show you.” the Doctor said as he walked over to one side and rolled over a full length mirror to place in front of her.

Her reflection was a mass of bandages, around her head, chest and abdomen, “What.. what have you done to me?”

“Quite a lot actually. A complete facial reconstruction, including; rhinoplasty, brow lift, chin and cheek and lip implants. Breast implants, liposuction, fat injections, and rib removal. He wanted work done on your feet as well but I suggest we could do that later if things all worked out as planned.”

“You fucking bastard, I’ll kill you!” she shouted at him and he just smiled back at her, her vision finally clearing enough to make out his details.

“No. No you wont. By the time I’m done with you, your either going to be begging to suck my cock or your going to turn up in a ditch and buried in a poppers field.” he replied coldly as he walked over to the IV stand that was beside the chair she was secured in.

He turned on th spigot and it wasn’t long before she felt whatever the drug was enter her system and her head get light. She hardly notice him move the mirror out from in front of her or replace it with a TV.

By the time the video and sound came on, she was flying high as the words and images flowed in to her mind.