Jannelle held up the controller and looked at the options she’d chosen, “Double the Pleasure, Double the Ponytails” and smiled. She then looked in the mirror and admired the effect of the nanosuit on her.

Unable to resist, she picked up her phone and took a photo, taking one of the long white pigtails in her fingers and stretching it out. Before she could take the photo the pleasure coursed in to her head and she gasped, dropping her phone and calling back on to her bed.

It was like she was stroking her own clit as her fingers caressed the long white hair that protruded from her head. Without thinking she grasped the other one and gave them both a tug.

She orgasmed with a scream of pure pleasure as she laid back on to the bed and bucked her hips violently up and down.

* * *

John opened the apartment door and heard a scream of passion coming from the bedroom. He quickly closed the door and raced though the living room to find his girlfriend writhing on the bed, clearly in the throws of an orgasm as she held two long white ponytails coming from her head.

He smiled and quickly got undressed and joined her on the bed, his hand roaming all over her body until they came to rest just where her ponytails came out of the nanosuit. She looked at him with wild eyes, her mouth gasping for air as his fingers slipped up and on to the white hair.

Her eyes widened and another orgasm crashed over her.

Before she could recover he rolled her over, face down, and then positioned himself behind her. He slipped his hand under her waist and pulled her back towards him, forcing her knees to bend and sending her ass in to the air.

Then, he gripped her ponytails once more and wrapped them around his hands. With one hard yank, he pulled her body up off the bed so that she was suspended in the air, with only her knees on the bed.

Her whole body shook and twitched under the assault, and it was only with great effort that he managed to slip his dick between her ass cheeks and in to her sphincter. It seemed to make no difference to her cries of bliss, or the orgasms that continued to rock her body.

With each thrust in to her ass, he pulled back hard on her ponytails, forcing him even deeper in to her each time, until he could hold out no longer and released inside of her.

Once done, he let her drop back to the bed and her hands went right back to the ponytails, as he stood up and searched for the controller. He found it on the floor and quickly flipped through the options, canceling out of them and he watched the nanosuit revert back to it’s normal configuration.

Jannelle’s body stopped twitching as she laid there exhausted, unconscious from the exertion. He shook his head and placed the controller on the dresser before heading to the bathroom to clean up.

He’d told her not to mess with the preset he’d built for her until he was there, but like always, she had been headstrong and decided to go ahead without him.

He wondered how long she’d been there on the bed, orgasming uncontrollably… and if there would be any consequences to it.

When he walked back out of the bathroom, she was still laying, her breathing steady and deep. He decided to let rest and walked out to the kitchen to make some dinner.

* * *

Jannelle dreamed as she slept. Dreams of orgasm after orgasm, of her body being pulled and pushed, used and abused, but always the orgasms came.

They were constant and powerful and she dreamed of a day when all she would be would be defined by the orgasms she had.