SolarGirl looked down between her breasts through her fake glasses as she pushed a few hairs back behind her ears. She still couldn’t quite figure out how they had convinced her to wear such a revealing outfit, even if it was to go undercover.

She sighed a little and mentally just shrugged her shoulders, it was too late to do anything about it now she guessed. She walked down the street and finally found the address she was looking for. It was an innocuous building with a simple set of large wooden doors on the front of it.

She walked up and knocked gently, at least for her, on them and a moment later one of them opened and a man waved her inside.

“Ah Miss Star, you are expected.” he said and she stepped inside, a smile on her lips.

“Thanks honey. *giggle*” she replied, putting on her best fake bimbo voice.

“The Master is in the study…” the man said as he waved towards a room on the left of the main entrance and closed the door behind her.

“Like, ok.” she replied and jiggled her way towards the indicated room. Her heels clicked on the stone of the floor until she cross the threshold of the hall way in to the carpeted study.

Sitting in a high backed chair was her target, Doctor Wright. An older gentleman, who in other circumstances might have looked fatherly, but Kiri knew that he’d created one of the most deadly pathogens known to man and sold it to a mysterious group that was threatening to release it.

She smiled even broader and tucked her arm in beside her breast to give a cute little wave, “Like, hi! *giggle* I’m Kiri!”

“Hello Kiri, you may call me Doc.”

A shiver of ran down her spine at the word and her pussy tingled for some reason.

“Uhm, like, ok Doc! *giggle*” she replied and this time her pussy moistened as the word escaped her lips.

It was distracting but SolarGirl couldn’t let it get to her, she had to distract him! Not the other way around. The Proton needed time to shrink down and sneak in to discover whatever he could from the safe in the basement. SolarGirl just had to distract Doctor Wright for a little while so The Proton could do his work.

A frown briefly crossed her lips, did that make sense? Why was she going undercover as a prostitute to distract him?

The buzz from her pussy made her lose her train of thought and another giggle escaped her lips as her eyes went wide and vacant for a moment.

Her focus returned when she felt Doctor Wrights hand slip around her waist and on to her ass.

“Mmmmmm… Like, that feels soooooo good Doc!”

The word made her nipples harden and she leaned in, placing a kiss on his lips, her mouth half open as their tongues danced with each other.

His other hand reached around and they both squeezed her ass, she moaned through the kiss until his hands moved up to her hips and turned her around. They then ran up her exposed torso and on to her breasts.

“Oh my god Doc, like squeeze those big fat sweeter puppies! *giggle*”

The word sent a shiver of electricity through her whole body and she wiggled her ass back in to his crotch.

A motion out of the corner of her eye caught her attention, did something move on his desk? Was The Proton searching through the papers that were strewn across it?

Not wanting Doctor Wright to noticed, she did the only thing she could think of and spun around and ripped her top open, showing her breasts to him.

“*giggle* Look Doc, my big boobies just love all that attention! *giggle*” she said, tossing her breasts from side to side for effect.

The word almost made her knees give out from under her and she decided to take care of the problem. She reached out and pulled Doctor Wright in to her cleavage, smoothening him between her breasts and then proceeded to maneuver him around until he was sitting on a couch, facing away from his desk, with her straddling his lap.

“God Doc, my boobies feel sooooo good on your face! *giggle*”

This time the word drove her to her knees, between Doctor Wrights legs, where she placed her lips on his pants where his hardening shaft stood up proudly.

“Mmmm… like I know something else my boobies would feel good on Doc…” she said as she looked up in to his face and the word sent a wave of pleasure through her.

Her fingers flew to his pants and quickly undid them, sending them and his underwear to the ground in an instant. She pushed forward and wrapped her breasts around his shaft, her hands pushing them together so they completely encompassed him.

“Oh my god Doc! It feels so good! *giggle*” she cried out as more pleasure came from the word and her breasts as she bounced up and down.

“Like, Doc, I loved my big fat boobies fucked! I… I can’t get enough of it Doc! Please Doc… Please Doc, keep fucking my big fat boobies! Doc! DOC! DDDDDOOOOOOCCCCCC!!!!” she cried out as an orgasm crested.

When she came out of the bliss induced stupor she found herself leaning over the arm of the couch with Doctor Wright standing just behind her. His hands were gripping her hips and she could just feel the tip of his shaft gently brushing up against her pussy.

“*giggle* Like Doc *moan* Doc *moan* are… are ya gonna fuck my pussy Doc? *moan*” she asked as her hands slipped between her legs and parted her pussy lips for him.

“Come on Doc *moan*, like, fuck my pussy… Fuck SolarGirl’s tight little pussy Doc… *moan*” the pleasure was too much, her mind swirled in confusion, right up until the moment she felt him push inside of her and then everything crystallized.

Her world was pleasure. She was pleasure. All that existed was pleasure.

It’s what she was made for, what she wanted to give, what she wanted to receive. And the best way to do so was with a cock inside of her.

“So? How’s she coming along?” Jason said as he stopped just behind the technician on the control panel before looking through the thick transparent titanium that separated SolarGirl from them.

She was strapped in to a metal frame that held her legs apart and her arms to the side. On her head was a large helmet that fully covered her eyes and ears and was feeding the virtual environment directly in to her mind.

Attached to her breasts were two dome shaped devices with wires and tubes leading off to machines on each side of the room. Between her legs, a large dildo was pounding in and out of her pussy, just behind it another dildo aim right at her sphincter remained dormant.

“Quite well Boss, she only questioned the simulation once this time, and then it only took a few seconds of physical stimulation to distract her. At this rate she’ll be ready for Doctor Wright by the end of the week.”

“That’s good, right on schedule. What simulation is running at the moment?”

“Ah… let me check… oh. This is the ‘Undercover prostitute at Doctor Wright’s mansion’ simulation. And it looks like she didn’t even noticed that she never was ‘convinced’ to go undercover this time.”

“That is progress. What’s up next?”

“Next in the queue is ‘Defeated by Doctor Wright, didn’t know I loved anal’ followed by ‘Humiliated on national TV by Doctor Wright and loved every minute of it'”

“Good. Make sure we get all of them up to 100%. Wouldn’t want this one coming out of her conditioning and coming after us because we fucked up.”

“Definitely not Boss. All of us are on board with that 100%”

Jason nodded as he turned and walked out of the room, only looking back for a moment at the scream of pure ecstasy coming from the next room, along with the groans of the frame holding SolarGirl down.