“Please baby, please!” Detective Miller had never seen anything like it before, the poor girl in front of him had been begging him to take her “leash” every since he’d entered the room, his weapon drawn as the team had cleaned each room of the brothel one by one.

“Don’t worry honey, we’ll get you help.” he said reassuringly but he could seen the need in her eyes, as if the only thing that was important was the thin pink fabric that wrapped around her fingers.

Miller’s thoughts were interrupted by the squawk of his radio as the all clear came over it. He reached up and clicked on the mic, speaking in to it, “I’ve got one victim here.”

It wasn’t long before his Captain came in to the room, “What have you got… oh my god.”

Before he could answer the woman on the bed, still exposing herself to everyone in the room, locked eyes with the Captain and held out her leash towards him, “Hi! My name is Kitty. Will you take my leash?” she asked through the two plush pillows that were once lips.

“What?!? No… no, that isn’t…” his obviously flustered Captain managed to get out before Kitty followed with with same plea that she’d been repeating since he’d turned her down as well.

“Anyone else in the building Captain?” he asked.

His Captain turned to him, breaking eye contact with Kitty, still clearly shaken, “No… no one else.”

Miller frowned and scrunched his forehead, “No one?”

“I already said no… why?” his Captain replied sharply at first before recognizing the wheels turning in Miller’s head.

He pulled out his phone and pulled up the missing person’s list and started flicking through the images until he found the one he was looking for. He looked up at Kitty, then back down at his phone several times before handing it to his Captain.

“She’s a message.” Miller said as his Captain looked at the missing person’s photo, then at Kitty and then back down at the photo before going ghost white.

“Fuck me… You found her, you’re making the call.” his Captain said, shaking his head and handing his phone back to him.

Miller frowned even more and opened his mouth to protest, but his Captain cut him off before he even started with a stare that left no room to negotiate.

Miller nodded and re-read the name under the photo, “Katrina Fauct”, and shook his head once again. Katrina was the daughter of one of the most prominent judges in the city, she’d gone missing from her University law program six months ago without any leads.

Judge Fauct had signed off on this raid personally in his ongoing war on crime with the full intention of running for mayor when the elections came up in two years.

It seemed hard to believe that in just six months the people behind this brothel had taken Katrina and broken her, augmented her, and put her to work. But there was little doubt of who she was, even under the heavy makeup, inflated lips and tits, and bleached hair, it was obvious. And if that wasn’t enough, the tattoo on her arm was a match as well.

Miller let his shoulders slump as he turned and walked out of the room, his thumb hovering over the dial button for only a minute before he pressed it and dialed the Judge to give him the bad news.  It wasn’t much of a present, but at least his daughter would be home for Christmas.