Genevieve sat on the couch, unmoving, her body not betraying the fact that her mind was racing at a million miles and hour.

She couldn’t believe she’d been so naive as to think that everything that had happened over the last few months had been of her own volition. Sure she’d always been concerned about her looks, but she’d never been that obsessed about them.

The same with makeup and fashion. They’d always interested her at some level, she was always “put together” as they say, but other things had been her focus. Like her education and career.

But then things had started to change, or more precisely, her attitude to things started to change. She’d convinced herself that it was normal, just a shifting of her priorities as she matured some more.

It was to be expected, right? Being in her last year of university, she was beginning to look towards what she would do after graduation. So of course she’d start focusing on other things.

For a little while she just pushed it to the back of her mind, especially when she was in the gym, which had gone from twice a week to almost every day. It was the same when she had gone shopping for new clothes, the ones she picked weren’t all that revealing were they? No all that different than the dresses she wore normally right?

And everyone wanted a change every once in a while when they went to the hairdressers, so a few shades lighter than her normal was fine… wasn’t it?

It had all come crashing down around her one night as she was browsing the Internet, she hadn’t realized how far astray she’d wandered in to the deep dark corners of the web until she found herself masturbating to a video of a blonde woman laid out on her back, her arms and legs stretched out to her sides as she remained perfectly still as the man hammered her pussy.

She only realized she was watching some kind of fetish video of a woman pretending to be a sex doll just before she brought herself to orgasm. Afterwards, when she recovered from the powerful event, did she recognize just how wrong everything was with her life.

She hadn’t been to classes in weeks, she was dressing like some kind of high class hooker, and her life was falling apart.

Not knowing what to do, she quickly got dressed and bolted from her apartment. She just had to get out of there, to go tell someone what was happening to her, to find someone to help her.

She wandered around the city for several hours, unable to figure out what to do, until she stood in front of the building that she now knew was little more than a thinly disguised brothel. Something in the back of her mind pulled her inside and her feet carried her through the building to the very room she now sat in.

She stood in front of the door, willing herself to turn and run away, but instead she just stared at the sign that hung on it, “Gigi Doll”.

Her legs trembled, her pussy quivered, and her fingers reached out and turned the doorknob.

She’d come to the same room everyday since then, the first few were uneventful. She just sat there and waited… and waited… and waited. Until she stood up and walked out of the room and back to her apartment.

But eventually, while she was waiting, the door opened and in walked a man. She didn’t know the man, his face was generic an she doubted that even 10 minutes after he left that she would have been able to identify him in a lineup. But the fucking he’d given her, that she would remember for the rest of her life.

She’d laid there, still and silent, as he undressed her, moved her around, and finally penetrated her. Her orgasm had started almost immediately after he did and lasted until well after he was finished.

Now, as she waited once more, her mind raced around in circles. Would the door open? If it did, would a man be there? If there was, would he undress her? Dress her up? Move her around? Fuck her mouth? Tits? Pussy?

All these thoughts raced around in her mind until the sound of the door opening filled her ears. Then, only one thought remained, “Gigi Doll is going to be played with!”