Samantha wasn’t sure about the job, it was kinda sketchy, but money was money and she needed the paycheck. She’d come out to the coast trying to make it big in the swimwear modeling industry, but even though she had spent a small fortune getting killer body, the competition was tough and she hadn’t been able to break through.

This job could be the breakthrough she needed though, even if she wasn’t technically modeling swimwear. Sunglasses were close though right? And she was definitely wearing a bikini.

The fact she’d never heard of the brand before, along with the seemingly low quality of the photoshoot was concerning though. But it was going to be an international campaign, so it was the exposure she needed. If not, she was definitely going to follow thorugh with her threat to sue her managers.

Samantha turned the sunglass over in her hands a few times, they seemed expensive, that was for sure, but their design… well, she couldn’t really image anyone actually wearing them. The looked like they were out of some cheesy 80’s sci-fi flick.

“Ok Samantha, we’re ready for you.” the photographer, Johnathan, called out and she perked up. She walked over to where he and the equipment were set up. That was another thing that was odd, he was the only person there, no crew or anyone else.

She walked in front of the camera and smiled, “So, do you want them on or off?” she asked, twirling the glasses around one of their arms.

“Oh, on. Definitely on.”

She shrugged and put them on as, as soon as she did she noticed the distortion that they caused. Everything had a strange colour tint to it and almost wobbled if she moved her head at all.

It was about twenty minutes later, while posing, she noticed the first signs something was amiss. Her nipples hardened, which never happened when she was working.

“Uhm, can we take a break?” she asked hesitantly, reaching up to take the sunglasses off.

“What?!? We’re just getting going… come on, don’t quit on me now…”

Her hand paused its accent to her face and her forehead wrinkled in thought, but after a moment she spoke, “Ok… I guess…”, and continued.

Johnathan watched the conflict play out over Samantha’s face until she finally accented to his request. Twenty minutes wasn’t nearly enough for the sunglasses to do their work, but more than enough to get a foothold in her mind.

He had to admit that Samantha was quite the specimen, but then again, there were a dozen more lined up right behind her and few ever became more than arm candy, if they were lucky.

Johnathan looked down at his camera and saw the last photo he’d just snapped. It was terrible, even after years of taking photos he was no good at it. Luckily it wasn’t his profession.

“Hold that pose for a moment…” he called out to Samantha as he moved over to his computer and looked at the statistics it was displaying.

30% arousal, 26% base programming, 19% memory access. Not too bad for just a little over twenty minutes really.

“Ok Samantha, can you put your arms behind your back for me now and lean forward?”

She promptly did so, as he continued to take photos. Some of his clients liked to see them, but usually he just deleted them after delivering his services.

Most of his employers were rich old bastards looking for a mistress or trophy wife, but he did a steady business in the modeling world as well. Though, even for that group of clients, this was an interesting job.

A low bing sounded from his laptop and he looked over at it again, the screen flashing “30% base programming” on a bright green background.

He smiled and walked over to the computer, pressing the OK button, which started the audio coming out of the speakers.

“Ok, give me a poutty kiss.” his voice said coming from the laptop.

Samantha complied and did so. Johnathan set the camera on a tripod and started the automatic mode, setting it to take a photo every second.

His work was mostly done, so he sat down and relaxed as Samantha followed the instructions coming from the computer.

Samantha blinked several times as Johnathan removed the sunglass crom her, “What? Oh… thanks.” she said as he folder the glasses closed and set them on a small cart to the side.

“So… did you get everything you needed?” she asked, somewhat confused as she didn’t really remember much of the photoshoot.

“Hmmm… we’ll let’s find out.” he said, stepping in close to her and grasping her bikini top and pulling to each side of her breasts.

“What!” she cried out just before his hands grabbed a hold of her breasts and squeezed.

“OH MY GAWD!” she cried out, “Squeeze those big fucking tities!”

He let go of her tits and reached around behind her, taking hold of her ass and pulling her in close to him, their lips coming together.

She moaned as his tongue probed her mouth, her arms resting on his shoulders as she pushed her tits in to his chest as hard as she could.

He broke the kiss and she leaned back just a bit, “Baby, are you gonna fuck me or are you just making me so horny for no reason?”

He smiled and pushed down on her shoulders lightly and she instantly dropped to her knees, her fingers working his pants until she could finally get her lips around his hard shaft.

Her head boobed up and down and she wondered why she hadn’t sucked every photographer she’d ever worked with when dick tasted this good.

Samantha stormed in to her managers office, past the empty receptionists area, her face red with anger, “What the fuck!?!” she said, slamming the magazine she carried on to his desk.

The magazine was open to the advertisement for the sunglass she had modeled for last week, but her face was no where to be found.

“Settle down Samantha, you now how these things go…” he said as she stood up and walked around behind her, closing the door she had burst through just moments ago.

“How they go!!! HOW THEY GO!!!” she screeched out.

In response he raised his finger to her lips and placed it on them, “Sssshhh… I said settle down Sammi.”

Her mind swirled as her nipples hardened and her pussy moistened instantly. Her lips parted and wrapped themselves around his finger, her eyes wide as she bobbed back and forth.

“That’s better Sammi…” he said as he pulled his finger out from between her lips and her tongue chased after it.

“Now, as I was saying, you know how these things go… sometimes the client just wants to go in a different direction after the job is done.” he continued as he stepped in and reached around her, grabbing her ass.

She let out a moan as he did so, “You’re a hot piece of ass Sammi, but just not cut out for a job in this industry. But don’t worry, I’ve got the perfect position for you.”

Her mind swimming in lust, all she could do was reply in a whisper, “Like, ok, Sammi knows how it is…”

Sammi sat at her desk in front of her Boss’ office and wiggled her ass. It was still a little sore from the load of cum he’d deposited in it just a little while ago, but she was still flush from the orgasm that it had brought.

Just then the door to the office opened and in walked a young woman, dressed in a tight, body hugging dress that showed off her ripped abdomen.

“Hi…” the woman said, “I have an appointment with Mr. Donners?”

“Oh, yeah, like, go right in! *giggle*” Sammi said and watched the woman walk past her.

Sammi wrinkled her nose, the woman’s ass was skinny and bony, Sammi’s was much better. But then again, Sammi could still remember a time when her ass was kinda skinny and bony, and when she didn’t like a cock buried deep in it, so she really shouldn’t be too harsh on the woman.

Maybe, if she worked really hard, she could be a fine piece of ass like Sammi was. After all, Sammi knew how things went, and she knew you could never know who would be the next fine piece of ass that walked thought the door.