A hands on kind of leader...

Monday January 11, 2021

“Ah, officers, perfect timing!” I said as the two female officers stood on the doorstep after I opened it.

They smiled politely of course, as they had been trained to do whenever dealing with a noise complaint or other such domestic call.

“Hello sir, we’re here because some of the residents have called in about excessive noise…”

The officer with her hair pulled back in to a pony tail started. I held up my hand and shook my head.

“Yes, yes, of course. It seems my party has gotten a little out of control. If I might inquire as to whom I’m speaking with?” I said with a broad smile.

“I’m Officer Stills and this is Sergent Donner.” the one with her hair flowing down on to her one shoulder replied.

“Fantastic. Now, I can assure you that we’ll endeavor to reduce the noise and ensure the neighbors are completely satisfied.” I replied just as a loud slap was heard behind me followed by a yelp and high pitched scream.

The smiled disappeared from both of the officers faces and they quickly pushed past me, rushing in to the house. I followed along behind them after closing the door.

“What the hell!” I heard, what I thought was Officer Stills, cry out.

“I’m going to call in for backup…” Sergent Donner replied to her partner and reached up to her mic that was clipped to her shirt.

I arrived behind them and looked between them at the scene that had them so concerned. Spread around the room were a half dozen people, men and women reclining in chairs and sofas, all naked. In the middle of the room were two women, one strapped to a wooden horse and the other with a whip in her hand, there were fresh red marks on the woman’s ass that was strapped to the wooden horse.

Just as Sergent Donner was about to depress her microphone button, I touched her arm, doing the same with Officer Stills and they both froze instantly.

“Now, as I was saying, perfect timing officers. You see, I’m just about done here but I do need to leave someone in charge and who better than an officer of the law? But of course we first need to make a few… adjustments.” I said and let my power flow through in to Sergent Donner first.

With Donner I started with the physical changes, which was always more fun. Her long brunette hair shifted several shades lighter as it grew longer and longer, until it was a bright platinum blonde. Then her chest started to expand as her waist pulled itself in tighter. I couldn’t see her face shift, but I could feel my power doing it’s work on it. Finally her clothing blurred for an instant and then came back in to focused completely altered.

As the physical changes completed on Sergent Donner, I turned my focus to Officer Stills and inserted a quick obedience command in to her mind, making her little more than an automaton for the moment, “Officer Stills, why don’t you go in to the bedroom and wait for me there.”

Officer Stills turned towards the hallway that lead to the bedroom and disappeared down it, without saying a word.

The physical changes now complete with Sergeant Donner, I walked around in front of her and admired the changes.

“What.. what have you done to me?” she managed to get out from between her now puffy pink lips.

“Well my dear Sergeant Donner, this newly created brothel needs a security guard at the front door. You know, to keep the riff raft out.” I replied, pushing her back a little to the table that was in the main hallway of the house. Her ass was right up against the edge of it when I reached around and grabbed her ass and lifted her up on to it.

“Now, there we go…” I said as confusion ruled her face.

“But… but…”

“Just hold that thought for a moment…” I said and let my power flow in to her mind, rewriting it to the new purpose I had for her.

I stepped back and took in my handy work.

“So how are you feeling?” I asked as she blinked several times and then cocked her head to the side slightly. Lifting her legs up from the floor she spread them wide so that she was almost doing the slips and let her legs rest on the counter she was sitting on.

Her fingers from her left hand slipped between her legs and started to rub her crotch, “Like, Dede’s feeling horny! *giggle*”

“Well of course you are.” I replied with a chuckle, “And what’s your job now?”

“Like, Dede’s here to guard the door… and get fucked! *giggle*”

“Very good Dede.” I smiled and turned away from her, heading back through the living room towards the bedroom and Officer Stills.

Officer Stills was standing just inside the bedroom door when I arrived, silently and not moving, her arms limply at her sides. I touched her arm and removed the obedience command but kept her completely frozen none the less. Much like her partners I started with her physical appearance.

The change was just as swift, though this time I went for a darker black theme to her. Her hair popped out of her ponytail and shifted to jet black. It extended all the way down to her ass, which was similarly reshaping in to a nice little heart shape. Her breasts ballooned out, her lips did the same as her facial features, which I could clearly see this time, shifted as well. Then her clothing changed as well, until the new Officer Sluts stood before me.

With a simple application of my power I wiped out all traces of her old life, replacing them with a wealth of experience as a dominatrix and madam.

She blinked several times as it happened and then, holding up the cuffs she held in one hand, gave me a sly smiled, “Hey big boy, are we going to play cops and robbers? Or do you have something else in mind?”

I smiled back, grabbed her hand and spun her around, quickly applying the cuffs to her. She let out a little squeak as I did so and then I pushed her down on to the bed, her big round ass wiggling and begging to be used.

I stepped outside of the house and took in the warm rays of the waning sun on my face, satisfaction coursing through me, secure in the knowledge that Dede and Officer Sluts would take good care of the brothel I was leaving behind.

But then the regret started to creep in to my mind. It wasn’t fair for me to use my power this way, and I tried as hard as I could to do good deeds with it. Unfortunately, every few years, after curing cancer in kids, preventing suicides, and generally making life better for everyone I met, this part of me re-emerged.

The part that wanted nothing more than to twist everyone around me to my liking. The part that wanted nothing more than to satiate my baser instincts.

I had long ago accepted the fact that it was in me, and so, every few years, I gave myself a single day to let it loose. Was it a fair trade for all the good I had done in the years since my last transgression? I did not know, but I suspected most would say it was.

I smiled as I looked at the setting sun, but of course today was not yet over and the names I had plucked out of the Officers heads before I rewrote them would make as good of candidates to feel my power as any other.

I walked down the path to the sidewalk and turned to the right, the next door neighborhoods had been the first to call in the noise complaint and I was looking forward to making sure they never complained about noise again.

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