Jenny looked back over her shoulder and scowled, it was humiliating what she was doing for this man!

As soon as his eyes left her ass her frown disappeared and she beamed a smile, “You like my ass baby?” she asked, running her hand over her tight ass.

Chuck smiled and nodded as he sat in the chair, “You know it doll.” he replied, watching her like a hawk, consuming her with his eyes.

“Well, come on baby…” she said, extending her hand behind her and motioning him to come over with her finger, “We’re going to be late if we don’t get going.”

Chuck let out a sigh and stood up, walking over to her, “And who’s fault with that be?” he asked in an accusing tone.

“Oh, come on baby, you know I have to look good for you!” she replied as he stepped up next to her and she leaned in. His hand ran down her back to her ass and squeezed it, she leaned in and kissed him, pushing herself on to him as she did.

She hated the feel of his hand on her ass, she hated the feel of her tits on his body, she hated the taste of him in her mouth. She hated everything about him.

And yet, she pulled back, smiled, wiggled her ass, and doted on him like she was infatuated with him. She wasn’t of course, at least not in the way she was pretending to be. She wanted one thing from him, and only one thing… revenge.

She had just graduated high school when he’d swept in and stolen her parents business from them. Well, he called it a hostel takeover, she called it theft. Either way, her parents had spent everything they had trying to defend the company against him, and in the end had nothing to show for it.

Her father had finally committed suicide two years ago, her mother turning to the bottle to dull the memory. With the small payout of his life insurance the only money they had to live on, she’d been unable to go to the ivy league school she’d been accepted in to. Nor for that matter college of any kind.

Instead she’d gotten a low paying job waitressing at a club that she’d visited many times before as a customer, serving many of her old friends. They had all looked down at her after she’d lost her standing with them, and they’d all abandoned her soon afterwards.

She’d spent every waking minute she wasn’t caring for her mother or working at the club, planning her revenge. Chuck was a well known bachelor, chauvinist, and ladies man. She’d done her research, and when it was finally time, she’d taken what little money she had and made her move.

It had been easier than she’d thought really, “bumping” in to him at one fo the clubs he frequented after only three weeks. She’d smiled and fawned over him and they were dating within a week.

She wanted to throw up every time she thought about it, but it was necessary. She had him twisted around her little finger and it wouldn’t be long before she’d having him proposing to her without a prenup. All she had to do was keep doing everything he wanted and her revenge would be complete when she took him for half of everything, including her families business!

Chuck looked down at Jenny’s bare ass as she rocked back in to him on all fours. He liked this view, her ass, her long blonde hair, the scowl he knew as on her face but couldn’t see.

He raised his hand and slapped her ass as he pushed in to her deeply, “Oh god Chuck, slap that ass! You know I love it!”

He imagine the incongruity of the contortions her face was making with the earnest desire in her voice. He’d have to check the video later when she went to sleep. There were a dozen cameras in the bedroom, many hidden in plain sight, but certainly the one that was right in the headboard of his bed that would have a perfect view of her face as he fucked her doggy style.

He reached out and grabbed her hair and pulled her back on to him, then slapped her ass several more times before releasing inside of her.

“Oh god yes Chuck! Fill me up with your cum! I love it! I love it!” she cried out and I he watched her body spasm from the orgasm that she was experiencing as well.

He flopped down on the bed beside her and rolled over, “Hey babe, clean me up would you?”

She smiled at him and shimmied her way between his legs, taking his deflating cock gently in her hands and then wrapping her lips around it. Lovingly she sucked every last drop of cum from him, the camera in the headboard catching every last moment of it.

“Be right back baby… just gonna get cleaned up.” she said when she was done and slipped off the bed and headed towards the bathroom, swaying her ass to make sure he got a good view of it.

He took in a deep breath and then rolled half way over to grab his phone, unlocking it and checking the custom app that was on it. Scanning through the statistics he found the one he was looking for, “Acceptance of anal sex: 45%”.

He frowned a little, she’d been stuck at 0% for the longest time, but it had finally started moving two weeks ago, which meant that it was probably another two weeks before he’d be banging her ass for real.

He set his phone back on the nightstand and smiled. She’d been so transparent those first few day, obviously a gold digger, but it wasn’t until his background check on her came through that he fully realized who she was.

He’d been tempted to just dump her and avoid the complications, but there was something about her that intrigued him. It wasn’t her body or personality, they were a dime a dozen for someone like him.

No, it was the completeness of her. When he’d taken the business from her parents, he hadn’t thought anything if they had a family or children. When they’d shunned his initial offers, he’d simply wanted to take everything from them a retribution. And he thought he had, their business, their future, everything.

Then, she’d shown up. He realized he hadn’t taken everything from them, and he felt incomplete because of it. Fortunately Jenny had presented a perfect opportunity to correct that problem and he’d reached out to one of the many subsidiaries with the technology he needed and she was coming along nicely.

He grabbed his phone again and switched applications over to his video recorder, selecting the headboard camera and rewinding it 10 minutes. He smiled as he saw Jenny’s face twisted in to hate as he fucked her from behind.

He marked the timestamp for later, both for his viewing pleasure and for the video he would be editing together in a few weeks. The crowning scene of that video would be Jenny begging him to fuck her in the ass.

He wondered what her mother would think when she showed it to her, told her that they had been wrong to deny him their business, how she’d seen the light and was going to dedicate the rest of her life to being his personal fuck toy.

He’d miss the dichotomy of her feelings verses her actions, but he had lots of time before that. There was no rush, he could continue to play with Jenny for weeks, or months, or even years before then.

Though the itch for completeness was strong so he doubted it would be more than a month or two.