Wish for Porn High is a series of captions in which Dean has used one of his three wishes to “be the principle at a porn parody version of his high school”.

The first post in this series isย here. All stories in the serires tagged here.

Note, all characters depeicted are over 18. The wish made all the students into adults, as all porn parody actresses are adults in these films.

Porsha pulled her tie down and tossed it to the side as the wind from the large fan roared from below her, sending her hair flying. She closed her eyes and pushed her tits forward, grabbing them and massaging them for a moment before grabbing the two sides of her top and ripping it off, let her tits sway freely, her nipples at full attention as she dropped down to her knees and started to gyrate her hips.

As the music stopped so did her dancing and she looked over at the judging panel where Principal Hardcock, Miss Overstuffed, and Ms. Headlights looked on.

She saw the smile Principals Hardcock’s face and giggled, though the shocked look on Miss Overstuffed’s face quickly ended that.

“Thank you Porsha, that was… interesting.” Principal Hardcock said as she stood up and re-buttoned her top.

“Like, thanks Principal Hardcock!” she beamed as she walked down the stairs at the side of the stage and over to the table in which the three judges sat behind.

“We, of course, have some more students to present their… ah… talents to the panel, but if you drop by my office at the end of the day the finalists will be posted.”

“*giggle* I can’t wait!” Porsha replied and skipped out of the auditorium to go and join her afternoon classes.

Porsha looked at the list and mouthed out each name on it as she got to the bottom but didn’t find her name. She pouted and stomped a her foot as she crossed her arms under her tits, until she noticed the note at the bottom of the list.

“Note: A wildcard entry is still open, any student interested in presenting additional material may see Principal Hardcock directly.”

Porsha’s face brightened and she squealed just a little as she bounced up and down, sending her tits in to a frenzy as they tried to escape her flimsy top. Then she spun around and wiggled her ass right over to Principal Hardcock’s office and knocked on the door.

“Yes, come in.” his voice from behind the door and she opened it and then closed it behind her as she stepped inside.

“Hi Principal Hardcock!”

“Oh, hello Porsha, I was hopping you’d drop by tonight.” Principle Hardcock said as he looked up from the papers on his desk to where she was standing, her hands clasped behind her back as she swayed from side to side.

“*giggle* Yeah, like I wanted to see if I could present some of my other… talents, to you?”

“Of course Porsha, of course. Would you like me to sit here, or perhaps over on the couch?”

Porsha glanced over at the leather couch and smiled, “Oh, like the couch would be *perfect*! *giggle*”

Principal Hardcock stood up and walked over to the couch, sitting down and spreading his legs as Porsha pulled out her phone and started a playlist going as she placed it on one arm of the couch.

Porsha then started dancing again, once more starting to strip down as the music played. But this time, instead of stopping with her top, she shed her skirt as well. When she was gyrating naked in from of Principal Hardcock, her finger slipped between her lips, both the ones on her face and the ones between her legs.

By the time the second song had started, she was kneeling down between Princpal Hardcocks legs, her fingers making short work of his belt and pants until his dick was right in front of her.

“Oh my god, Principal Hardcock, you’re so big!” she enthused as she placed her lips at the base of his shaft and ran them up his length, the ring in her lower lip making contact all the way along it. She reached the top of it and extended her tongue, the bottom bulbus end of the stud through it making contact with his pusling head for several seconds before she wrapped her lips around it and plunged all the way down to it’s base.

The gurgling sounds she made as she bobbed up and down made her pussy wet with excitment until she could stand it no more and popped off the top of his cock and wrapped her tits around him and squeezed them together.

“Principal Hardcock, like don’t you think my big titties belong in the talent show? *giggle* Like, they feel soooooo good wrapped around your big, thick, hard, dick!”

“Yes, I saw they were quite impressive earlier today…” he said.

“Oh my god yes!” she squealed as the note on the posting came back to her and she pulled off of him and stood up, turning around, “But like, you haven’t seen my ass yet!”

She pushed her ass back in to him as he grabbed both cheeks with his hands and squeezed, “Oh my god, Principal Hardcock, you’ve got such strong hands!”

She wiggled her way back even farther and then lowered herself down on to his lap, reached through her legs and taking hold of his dick once more, guiding it right to her eager pussy.

“Oh god, Principal Hardcock, I don’t know if I can, like, take it all its so big!” she cried as she slide down the length of his shaft slowly, inch by inch, until her ass was resting on his lap.

She felt the first slap of his hand on her ass and cried out in pleasure, “Of fuck yes Principal Hardcock! Spank that ass! Spank it hard!”

He complied eagerly as his hand came down on both sides of her ass and she wiggled it around, his cock still buried deep inside of her pussy. After several more smacks, she felt his hand grab hold of her hair and pull her backwards, until she was leaning back on to his chest.

His hands reached around and grabbed her tits, squeezing them hard as he buck against her ass and bounced her up and down his shaft. For her part she cried out a low guttural moan as the assault on her body was too much and her brain simply turned off and went along for the ride.

She didn’t remember how many orgasms she had, or him finishing and rolling her off his lap on to the end of the couch, but she did remember the slap on her ass he gave her as he stood up to get dressed.

It took her a little while to regain full use of her body, but once she did she managed to stand up and get dressed, making herself almost presentable to leave.

“So, like, Principal Hardcock?” she asked as she was just about to leave.


“Like, do I get the wildcard spot in the talent show?”

Principal Hardcock smiled a wicked smile before answering, “Well, you put on quite the show, but your sister Mercedes should be here any time for her presentation, so we’ll have to see.”

Porsha’s mouth dropped open, “the little brunette bitch!”, Porsha screamed internally while never breaking the innocent smile on her face.

“Well, like ok, Principal Hardcock! Just let me totally know if you need me to do another presentation.”

“I will Porsha, now run along, I’m sure you have homework to do.”

Porsha turned and fumed, Mercedes didn’t have as big of tits as Porsha did or the wild attitude, but the stuck up little brunette bitch did let anyone with a dick slide it in to her ass!

If Porsha had known she was in competition with Mercedes, she would have been sure to do the same.

Dean smiled as he watched Porsha stomp out of his office, her ass jiggling with each step she took. But the smile wasn’t because of her ass, no it was because he knew that tomorrow, when he called both sisters to his office, that he’d be fucking both of them at the same time, each eager to outpeform the other to get in to the talent show.

Of course the joke was that they would both make it in as a duet, but neither of them knew that, and he saw no need to enlighten them at the moment.