“Oh god, it was her creepy neighbour Henry again!” Jill thought as she hesitated coming out of her house to the pool.

Henry was nice enough, he was just kinda creepy, that’s all. She’d bought the house in the winter and hadn’t really thought much about the neighbours at the time, but as soon as summer came and Jill opened her pool, Henry had appeared.

“Howdy Neighbour!” he called from his porch, lifting a mug of coffee in her direction. It wasn’t like he was doing anything wrong, the fence was just not high enough to block his view of her backyard, that was all.

And for the previous owners, that wasn’t a problem as they were in their seventies and seldom used the pool. Jill on the other hand, well, she wasn’t seventy. And Henry wasn’t either, but he was at least in his fifties and his constant looks over at her was, well, just creepy.

She let out a small sigh, “Hi Henry.” she called back and took a step towards her pool. In the end, the enjoyment she got from swimming outweighed the creepiness of her neighbour.

She walked over to the steps and lowered herself in to the water, the cool tingling of it running up her legs until they were fully submerged. The rest of her body followed suit and she started swimming laps up and down the length of the pool.

After 20 minutes or so, she swam over to the side closest to Henry’s house and then turned around and put her back to the wall, letting herself float in the water a bit to relax.

Relaxing was harder than it sounded though, as the tingling from when she entered the pool had never really gone away and was now more centered on her pussy than anywhere else. Her fingers slipped down between her legs and she gently rubbed herself for a few minutes, but it only made matters worse.

She bit her lower lip in frustration, this had been happening for weeks now, each and every time she went for a swim. It wasn’t a bad feeling or anything, it was just frustrating as she currently didn’t have a boyfriend to help out.

Jill pushed back against the wall of the pool and rubbed her clit hard, her top pushed to the side so her fingers to get to her nipples as well. She could hear herself moaning and making too much noise, she knew Henry would be able to hear her, but it didn’t matter. Her body demanded attention and she had no choice but to give it to it, even if it would end up not satisfying her in the end.

She continued for a few more minutes and then let herself come down, before putting her bikini back together and heading out of the pool. As she stepped out of it, she saw Henry lifting his mug in her direction.

“Sounds like you had quite the workout today Jill.”

She blushed and trotted in to her house as quickly as possible.

Jill’s fingers were deep inside of her as he legs splashed around, “Oh god, fuck me! Fuck me!” she cried out as she tried to get over the finish line, but failed to do so yet again.

Frustrated once more, she swam to the the steps and got out of the pool, not even bothering to fix her bikini. She looked straight ahead and paid no attention Henry, which she knew would be ogling her exposed breasts.

“Jill, why do you even bother with a swimsuit anymore? I don’t mind you skinny dipping you know…” she heard him say as she closed the door behind her.

Jill was masturbating in the pool… again. It had become a daily occurrence, but today was different. It was the first time she swam to the wrong side of the pool before starting. It was only after a good five minutes that she realized Henry had a front row seat to her activities.

At first she’d been horrified. But it lasted only a moment, replaced by an ever growing need to have him watch her. She’d never been an exhibitionist before but with each passing moment she was getting hornier and hornier.

It was only when she heard him clapping that she’d managed to snap out of it and rush back in to the house. She didn’t know what was happening to her, but she knew deep down that she’d be doing the same thing tomorrow.

Jill slowly rose out of the pool, naked, her nipples rock hard and her pussy still tingling for attention. She half turned towards Henry and smiled. She’d been doing the same thing for the last several days, taking her time to make sure he got a full view of her body before she headed in to change.

It sent a chill down her spine right in to her pussy and it brought her as close to orgasm as she’d been in months. She was about to turn away when Henry stood up and smiled at her.

A quick flick of his wrist and his rob opened, exposing his long hard cock sticking out from his body. Jill’s eyes bulged and her mouth hung half open. God she needed a cock so badly… and there one was.

She wiggled her way over to the low fence, which Henry was approaching as well, until they were just inches away from each other.

“Please… please Henry…” she almost whimpered, her lower lip quivering as her gaze was locked on his cock.

“Please what Jill?” he asked, reaching out and titling her head upwards until their eyes met.

“Please… please fuck me Henry. I… I… I need your cock.”

He smiled and chuckled a little, “So, I’m not too creepy for you now?”

“No.. no Henry. You’re not creepy Henry… I.. I like you watching me. My body… my body is meant… meant to be looked at. Please Henry… fuck me… use me… use me like I know you want to… like… like a blow up sex doll… like a plastic sex toy… like… like I’m meant to be used.”

Henry reached over the fence and picked her up, before setting her down on his side of it. Jill’s legs gave out and she dropped to her knees, her lips quickly wrapping themselves around his rock hard cock.

Henry looked down at his neighbour sucking his cock for all she was worth and smiled. It had taken a long time to get the chemistry just right, the Ph and chlorine of the pool playing havoc with his formula. But in the end it was just a matter of patience and time.

It had been years since the last time he’d used it on anyone, having his fill of meaningless sex over the years with it. But the day Jill had moved in next door, his dick had gone rock hard and he’d known what he’d be doing.

Of course, unlike many of his previous girlfriends, Jill was a bit harder. Back in his youth he’d been able to get a girl like Jill to go out on at least a date, which gave lots of opportunities to introduce the formula to them. But Jill was clearly not interested and had even turned down some friendly neighbour offers for a hot chocolate or lemonade.

When he’d first seen her start swimming in the spring, the idea had come to him and he’d enjoyed working out the chemical changes he had to make to his formula to get it to work. It was work he hadn’t done since university and it brought back fond memories.

Henry reached down and held Jill’s head still and pulled out, her lips flapped like a fish out of water as she desperately tried to lean forward.

“Not bad Jill, but it’s time to move inside for the main attraction.” The smiled that cross Jill’s face was one of pure happiness, he’d seen it many times before on other women he’d used the formula on and knew she’d soon be screaming his name, begging for more.

“Oh, by the way Jill, I have a fencing company coming over next week to put in a gate between our properties.” he said off handedly as he walked her in to his house, his hand firmly on her ass.

She didn’t really respond, just nodded her head slightly as her stare was a thousand miles away. Well, it didn’t matter, by then he doubted she’d care about anything but getting his cock inside of her. Which, of course, was exactly how it was supposed to be.