I walked in to my penthouse condo and was surprised to see Tina Gomez squatting down in front of my couch, her ass doing all that it could to rip apart the tight pair of jean shorts.

It wasn’t the fact that she was there, I had been expecting her for several weeks now, nor the complete change of style from her previous frumpy, if professional suits. No, it was that spectacular ass that surprised me, after all, I knew she was hiding her beauty, but this was unexpected to say the least.

“I take it you approve from the look on your face Mr. Travers?” a male voice asked and I looked over to see a man in a dark suit walking from the hallway that lead to the bathroom.

“I… I… well, yes.” I managed to reply after getting ahold of myself once more.

“Good.” was the simple reply.

My gaze returned to Tina’s ass and a smile crossed my face. Six months ago she’d been the bane of my existence, well her and her two friends. Though even that wasn’t entirely correct either. Tina, Jessica and Hannah were the leaders of the group that torpedoed several lucrative deals I had in the works, their “social justice” crusade had really been misplaced, but damaging none the less.

I was none of the things they claimed I was, I didn’t care if you were a man or a woman, black or white, young or old, as long as you did your work and got the job done, I could care less about those things. I was a business man, first and foremost.

Their little band of misfits though had targeted my company because of some perceived slight and been unwilling to even discuss what could be done to address them. And so, after several months of protests at my offices as well online calls for boycotts, I’d finally had to do something.

The majority of their followers were easily distracted of course, all I had to do was point them towards a more egregious target their outrage quickly was redirected.

That just left the three ringleaders.

Hannah was the mastermind behind their PR work, she’d graduated at the top of her class and once she had fallen in with Tina, she’d quickly come up with some of the most creative PR campaigns. Unfortunately for her, she also had massive student loans and mounting debt as she put everything she had in to Tina’s crusade.

Once their follows started to stray, Hannah was easily enough taken care of. She was level headed and pragmatic in general and with the realization that their movement was losing steam, she reached out to high profile PR firms to see where she could land. Of course she’d burned a lot of bridges in the industry, calling the traditional PR firms dinosaurs and many things much worse and so none of them were interested in her.

So when one of my subsidiaries reached out with an offer to take over it’s in house PR department, well, she jumped at it. Tina hadn’t taken it well and trashed Hannah on social media, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Hannah had been… perturbed… when she found out who she was actually working for of course. I think more because she recognized that I’d outmaneuvered her more than anything as she’s been trying to get me to promote her to head of PR for all of my companies instead of just the one she’s currently working for. I’ve given her several goals to achieve before that will happen, but I’m sure she’ll accomplish them soon enough.

Jessica on the other hand, had been even easier than Hannah to deal with. The tall, statuesque blonde, could have been a supermodel, but she’d gone through university to become a lawyer and she had accomplished that with flying colours. Unlike Hannah though, Jessica seemed to have no debt what so ever and it wasn’t that she came from money or something like that. Instead, the private detectives I’d hired to investigate all three of them, had found a much darker secret, at least with respect to her public persona of course.

Jessica had paid her way through law school by being a stripper in Vegas. Each summer she’d fly out to Vegas, earn enough money for the next semester and then return, with none of her family or friends being any the wiser.

A simple bit of blackmail convinced Jessica to move on to greener pastures, especially as Tina’s tirade against Hannah continued to play out.

And that left poor little Tina all alone. She still ranted on social media, and took any interviews she could still get on the cable news channels, but her movement was done for all intents and purposes. That of course didn’t mean she was going to give up and so I’d called in favour.

It was the kind of favour that was expensive, but guaranteed to take care of the problem.

After I’d made the call, things had changed quickly. Within a week Tina had signed off all of her social media accounts. After a month she had completely vanished from the public eye, with many of the articles she had written simply vanishing from the Internet.

If you did a search for her name today, you’d find only the faintest of traces of her on the Internet. Her graduation from school, a few innocent articles she’d written, and a few fake ones that she would never have endorsed.

I heard the man’s footsteps come up beside me and then he stepped up behind Tina and reached down, placing a finger on the “P” of the tattoo that ran down her spine.

Tina gasped as soon as it made contact, her back arched, her ass wiggled, as the man spoke, “What’s your password?”

“My password is anal slut for you!” she let out in a gasp.

I raised my eyebrow and the man smiled back to me and lifted his finger from Tina’s back. Tina slumped slightly before pushing herself back up in to position.

“Simply touch the tattoo and say the password.” the man said and I reached down and placed my finger on the tattoo as well. Just like before Tina gasped, archer her back, wiggled her ass and let out a low moan.

“Anal slut for you.” I repeated and watched as she arched her back even more, her whole body shaking as she cried out with the orgasm that rocked her. Then she collapsed on to the carpet for a moment before pushing herself back up in to position.

“She’s all yours now.” the man said.

“And she’ll…” I started and the man rolled his eyes.

“Yes, she’ll do whatever you want, no questions asked. If you want her to act like a school girl, just tell her to. If you want to make a deeper change, like making her *beleive* she’s a school girl, just touch the tattoo, say the password and before you remove your finger, tell her what you want her to beleive.”

“And what if someone else touches the tattoo?” I asked.

“Nothing unless they have the password. Well, she’ll still react like someone is touching her clit, but other than that, nothing.”

“About the tattoo…”

“All of our girls have one and they will always make sure that some part of it is visible.”

“Thanks.” I replied and the man nodded before turning and walking out of my condo.

When the door closed I turned back to Tina, “Let’s see you shake that ass Tina.” I said.

Tina half turned her head back towards me as she started to shake her ass, “Of course baby! Do you like it? I love my big fat ass!”

I leaned over and grabbed one of her ass cheeks, another moan escaped her lips, and the a squeal as I gave it a hard slap.

“Oh god baby, slap that big fat ass!”

I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her upright, spinning her around as I did. I let go of her hair and pulled her top down, freeing her tits, the thick nipples erect as I did. I grabbed hold of one and gave it a good hard twist.

“Oh fuck baby, twist that nipple!” she cried out as I let it go and gave her tit a slap as well.

“We’re going to have to do something about those tits Tina, what are you a C cup?”

“Yeah baby, I’m sorry they’re so small…” she replied, trailing off in shame.

I grunted in reply, “Get those shorts off.” I continued and she smiled, spinning around and putting her thumbs in the elastic band before bending over and pulling them over her ass to the floor.

I took the opportunity to place my hand on her lower back and hold her in place as I used my other hand to slap her ass several more times just to see it jiggle with each impact.

I couldn’t wait any longer and so I slide my hand up her back, my fingers caressing the tattoo as I did so and her whole body shook with pleasure until I reach her neck. I grabbed her hair and pulled her over to the couch, bending her over the arm of it, her ass high in the air.

I gave her ass another slap and then undid my belt and pants, letting them fall to the ground as my rock hard cock pushed up to her exposed sphincter.

“Oh god baby, are you gonna fuck my virgin ass now? Come on baby, I want you to fuck my tight virgin ass! Put that big hard cock right in there and make me cum like the anal slut I know I’m destined to be!”

I pushed in, forcing my way in to her as she cried out “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

I grinned wickedly as I stroked in and out, her whole body shaking from the pleasure running over her. I pulled almost all the way out and slapped her ass again.

Then, with my free hand, I reach out and placed it on her back, pushing her down in to the couch’s cushions as I touched the tattoo. I pushed back in and all that came from her were guttural moans and squeaks as the pleasure overwhelmed any thoughts she might have had.

Unable to hold back and longer, I pushed in as deep as I could and released inside of her ass. Her whole body spasmed as a series of orgasms rocked her to her very core.

I pulled out, slapping my dick on her ass several times to get the remaining droplets of cum out of it and then took a step back to admire the sight before me.

“You know Tina, I can’t decide what I’m going to do with you. I mean, I could put you up in one of the Condo’s in the building and just fuck your ass whenever I felt like it as a side piece. But I kind of want to show you off as well, I mean walking in to one of those high society events that you always protested, with you on my arm in a tight little dress to show off that ass would be fun to. Or I could turn you out on to the street as an anal whore and let you fend for yourself. The choices are just vast.”

Tina let out a moan and dreamily replied, “Just promise to fuck my ass like that one more time and you can do anything you want with me baby…”

I chuckled and gave her ass a slap before turned to head to the bathroom to cleanup. I guess there was no hurry to decide, maybe after fucking her ass a few more times something would become the clear choice.