Jenna looked at the selfie she had just snapped and scolded herself. She wasn’t a bimbo fucktoy anymore, why did she keep doing all the things that she used to do?

She shook her head and her long platinum blonde hair flipped over each shoulder in turn and then she let out a deflated sigh.

It had been over a month since she’d been “rescued” and “deprogrammed”, but it seemed like a lifetime already. She’d spent over a year as some maniac’s blowup doll, and she’d only been rescued when he’d finally dumped her for someone new. The authorities had found wandering around, wailing uncontrollably, about her “master”.

She still couldn’t “see” his face in her memory, or his name, or anything about him really. When the authorities had asked her for details as to where she had been or who she’d been in contact with, her memory was just all fuzz.

The only thing she could remember clearly about her time with him was the mind blowing orgasms she’d had, and the complete and utter servitude to him. Neither were helpful in her new life.

In fact the only thing that had been helpful was the jewelery she had been wearing at the time. He’d left her with a diamond necklace, bracelet and earrings worth several million dollars, that she doubted he’d paid for but no one could prove either way.

She’d sold the jewelery and used the funds to get herself setup, to try and rebuild her life.

But the problem was that every day she got up, worked out, got showered, did her hair, put on her makeup and snapped another selfie. She could still remember the awkward teen she had been, the plain university student, the unimpressive waitress, which was nothing like the woman in the selfies she saw each day on her phone.

She let out another sigh just as the buzzer on the intercom for her condo went off and she perked up. She quickly walked over and looked at the small monitor, before releasing the door to let the visitor in. She waited eagerly for the few minutes it took him to ride the elevator up to her floor and walk to her door before knocking.

She swung the door open and beamed at the man standing there, “Hi John!” she exclaimed and through her arms around him, planing a passionate kiss on his lips. John returned the passion and Jenna’s knees grew weak from it.

He finally broke it off and smiled down at her, “Hey there, how are you making out today?” he asked.

“Well, with you obviously *giggle*” she replied as she beamed up at him.

He rolled his eyes, “You know what I meant…” he said.

Her smile faded just a touch, “Well, I’m doing ok, you know, it’s a big change.”

“That I do, it will take time.” John replied and she nodded her head as they stepped back in to her condo and closed the door. John was one of the people who had helped “deprogram” her, and the only friend she had so far.

Technically he wasn’t supposed to be in contact with her, but they had connected so strongly as soon as they had met that they had found a way to get in contact after she left the deprogramming facility.

They both went to the couch and sat down, talking for a bit until she could stand it no more and she slipped her hand across his lap and found his semi-hard shaft between his legs.

She parted her lips and ran her tongue over them, “God John, I really need to suck your cock… is that ok?” she asked as innocently as possible. She didn’t wait for a response before slipping off the couch and between his legs. Her one hand rubbing his crotch, the other working on his pants to get them off of him.

“Jenna… I mean… we shouldn’t… god… that feels so good…” he replied, leaning back and letting lean forward and place her lips on his crotch so she could use both hands to undress him.

She titled her head up slightly, “Please John… you’ve helped me soooo much… I just need your help for a little while long… you know… till the cravings go away…”

His pants finally around his ankles, Jenna leaned forward and wrapped her plump lips around his hard shaft and slowly lowered herself on to him.

“Fuck me, I’m going to hell for this…” John let out in a gasp and then groaned as his hands took hold of the sides of Jenna’s head and guided her up and down his shaft.

John just couldn’t help himself, look at those eyes, those lips, that face! He pulled himself way from the display to his side and back to the console in front of him. On one side of it was displayed dozens of commands that had been burned in to Jenna’s mind, on the other a series of counter commands that were to be implanted.

He scrolled down until the one he needed to change, “Must suck any cock presented to her”, and hesitated… could he really do it?

He looked to the other side where the counter command was, “It is her decision if she wants to perform fellatio on her partner”.

His hand trembled above command until his finger almost moved on it’s own and clicked it, the edit window appearing. His fingers flew across the keyboard and then he clicked save.

The new command burned in to his eyes, his heart raced, and he wondered if he would be found out or not. It was unlikely as both the commands and counter commands were considered personal information and only he had authorization to see them. But there was always a chance someone would audit Jenna’s file, and then he’d be going to jail.

He click start and then turned and walked out of the room, each command and counter command being highlighted as the program ran, scrolling up the screen, growing closer and closer to the edit he had made… “Must suck John Hitchen’s cock whenever she is in his presence”.