“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” was all that was running through Bethany’s head, and not because she wanted to fuck the man that had just walked in to the room, though her body was telling her with every fiber of it’s being that, indeed, she did want to fuck him.

No, she was screaming the word over and over again in her head because the man that had just walked in to the room was her old boyfriend James.

She’d dumped James and his misogynistic bullshit almost three years ago, which had turned out to be a major mistake. Not because he didn’t deserve to be dumped, but because as a single women, she couldn’t afford her tax bill and had been assigned to one of the cities Tax Shelters until she could pay it off.

If she’d stayed with James, or been able to find another boyfriend to live with before the end of the year, she would have been able to avoid the Tax Shelter, but that had not happened.

Mostly because any man with half a brain knew that a woman like her was in a desperate situation and so had no incentive to let a woman live with them… unless the woman was willing to provided whatever he wanted of course.

Bethany had been unable to find anyone who didn’t want absurd concessions from her, which were legally enforceable under Restoration of Marriage Act of 2020. She’d been desperate and almost made a deal with an older gentleman that wanted… well, he wanted all kinds of things that she didn’t really want to do. But at the last moment, he’d found another, more willing woman to let live in his home.

She’d tried to run, which was another mistake of course, as soon as she hadn’t shown up at the prescribed Tax Shelter, they had increased her sentence for failure to comply with a lawful assignment and activated her implant. A few hours later her body walked in to the Tax Shelter and she hadn’t left since.

Her stupidity had taken what was a two year sentence and extended it to three, along with an additional fine to go along with her tax bill.

The first year of her time at the Tax Shelter had been hard. Sure the implant had taken her through her clients, moving her body in the right way, giving voice to the preprogrammed phrases, providing the appropriate orgasm each and every time. But Bethany had been able to avoid falling in to the trap that almost everyone did, separating the pleasure from the sex and not getting addicted to it.

It was after the first year that she recognized her mistake though. Between the fines for infractions, food and upkeep, and the lack of regular customers, she was more in debt than when she’d arrived.

She knew if there was any hope of getting out of the Tax Shelter she’d have to do something drastic. And so she did, putting herself even deeper in debt to acquire a series of upgrades that would surely bring in more customers. Likewise she started actively engaging with clients, making sure she wasn’t viewed as just another programmed sex worker.

And it had started to work too. She still had a massive tax bill, even as she approached the end of her third year at the Tax Shelter, but at least there was light at the end of the tunnel. She might have to stay in the Tax Shelter for another year or so, but then she’d be free and clear. SHe might even be in the black a little if she was lucky.

“Is that the one you’re looking for?” a voice asked from behind James and Bethany raised an curious eyebrow. It was the Tax Shelter manager, she recognized his voice, but he never came in with clients.

“Yep, that’s the one.” James replied.

“You sure?” the manager said, popping out from behind James with a tablet he was scrolling through, “Some pretty bad reviews here… I have a couple of others you might want to take a look at, without so much burden on them.”

James shook his head, “Nope, not interested. When is her three year anniversary date again?”

“Says here… March 30th. She’s going to have just a little over $200k left on her tax bill at that time. You sure you want to invoke The Infrastructure Privatization Act of 2023 for her?”

“Yep.” James replied and the manager just shook his head.

“Well, ok, let me get the paperwork started for you.” the manager said and walked back out of her room. James walked over and sat down on the bed across from her.

“Hey Bethany, good to see you again.” he said with a smirk.

“I’d say the same but you’re a misogynistic asshole, so not so much.” she wanted to say, but instead the implant stopped her and twisted her lips in to a smile before she heard her voice speak out, “Oh, you too James.”

He let out a chuckle, “I doubt that very much. Gotta love those implants though right? Don’t answer that. In fact just stay quiet and listen.” James said as her lips parted to reply but closed once more.

“You might not be familiar with The Infrastructure Privatization Act of 2023, but what it basically says is that property owned by the state can be sold to private individuals or companies. Not something that interests most people, but you should know one thing. You see it does amend the Taxation and Incentives Transformation Act of 2022 with a minor change. Any women who is in a Tax Shelter working off her tax bill that stills owes an outstanding balance at the end of her sentence is considered property of the state.”

Bethany wanted to scream, but the implant kept her quiet and still.

“That means that in…” James said, looking down to check his watch, “…a little over five weeks you’re going to be eligible for sale. And as you just heard, I’m buying up your tax burden, and therefor you along with it.”

James stood up and let out another little chuckle as he looked down at her, “You know, I’m glad you paid for all those upgrades, your tits were always kinda small. I can’t wait to fuck that new rack of yours.” he said, patted her head and walked out of her room.

She could only watch as he did so, silently waiting for her next client to arrive. James had been a misogynistic asshole when she dated him, but he’d been a broke misogynistic asshole and so things must have changed in the last three years since she’d seen him last for him to be able to afford to pay off her tax burden.

That concerned her more than just the sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, as she doubted he’d turned over a new leaf. If anything, he would more likely have become even more misogynistic and a bigger asshole and she wondered if she would ever act without the implant controlling her again once he took possession of her.