“Like, hey babe, how you doing? *giggle*” Kimmi asked as she gave me a sidelong glance and then gave her tits a little shake as I walked out of my home office.

“I’m good babe…” I said with a smile and walked over and stroked her head, “Though I think it might be time for you to head to the salon again.”

“*giggle* Like, I know right?” she said as she set the gigantic mug of water down on the coffee table in front of her. She then turned to face me properly, her fingers reaching out and unzipping my pants and unbuckling my belt and pants as well.

“Oh my god… again?” I asked and all she did was giggle and wrap her lips around my flaccid member. Her head bobbed back and forth as she pulled her top up and exposed her tits, then grabbed my hips for balance as she continued to work at bringing my dick back to life.

I had to face facts, as much as I loved having Kimmi around all the time, the constant need for sex was going to kill me, literally. It had been great at first, dropping one of the little pink pills in to my roommates morning coffee seemed like a great idea. Her petite asian frame had filled out nicely but I had to admit now that I’d made a mistake when I’d told her “You’re a blowjob queen, you can’t get enough of my dick.”

A rookie mistake to be sure, it wasn’t like I could even have her go and suck off some of the neighbours while I got a chance to “recharge”. Nope, no matter how many guys I sent her to give blowjobs to, she’d always come back ready and rearing to suck me off yet again.

I really only had one choice, and I didn’t want to do it because she had turned out physically perfect. Just the right curves, a beautify face, and the perfect plump lips without being overblown.

I let out a sigh and pulled the small plastic package from my shirt pocket, the single pink pill inside standing out for it’s unnatural colour. I managed to open the packet and lean over to dump it in Kimmi’s mug of water before she managed to get me completely hard. I closed my eyes and focused on the task at hand, forcing myself to come to attention one more time as I grabbed the back of her head and held her firmly against me.

A small spurt of cum was all I managed to get out, but I watched Kimmi’s body spasm like it was a geyser as she orgasmed yet again.

Nearly out of breath I pulled her off of me and she looked up with a glazed look in her eyes, “Like, that was amazing baby! *giggle*”

“Here Kimmi, take a drink of this.” I said and handed her the mug.

She sipped, then chugged it as she washed down the droplet of cum that was in her throat. Then I saw the changes start to happen, her face started to become more round as the dark roots of her hair disappeared and her entire mop of hair lightened slightly. Her growing tits pushed her top up even farther as he waist shrunk and she let out a low moan.

I watched her eyes roll back in to her head and leaned over, my opportunity presenting itself, “Your my obedient, horny little asian fuck toy, but you can satisfy yourself just by masturbating and thinking of me.”

I watched her body shiver as the pill induced orgasm wash over her as she collapsed back on the couch. A smile cross my lips as I sighed in relief. The first thing I was going to do was get a good nights sleep and enjoy *not* waking up to Kimmi giving me a morning blowjob.

Well, for one morning at least, I mean, let’s not get crazy or anything, she was still a blowjob queen and her mouth had brought my dick back from the dead a dozen times in the last week. I wasn’t going to give that up completely now was I?

I let out a chuckle and headed back in to my home office to finish up for the day. It was maybe twenty minutes later that I realized I might have made a mistake in my wording, as I could hear Kimmi’s voice crying out from the next room.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck Kimmi’s pussy Master. Kimmi love you long time! Kimmi so horny! Fuck Kimmi! Fuck Kimmmmmmmmiiiiiiiii!”