“Ooooo… where am I? What’s going on?” Nikki moaned as she rubbed her temples and twisted herself around in the passengers seat.

She opened her eyes and blinked several times, the lights hurting her eyes but eventually managing to keep them open.

Across from her, sitting in the drivers seat was… was… Steve. Yes, that was his name. She continued rubbing her temples and closed her eyes again, trying to clear the fog in her mind.

“Come on Nikki, snap out of it.” Steve said and Nikki snapped open her eyes again.

“Steve!” she cried with total clarity, “Shit, how long have I been under?” she asked.

“Two weeks, I was starting to get worried you wouldn’t come up for air again. I’m glad I got your message, otherwise I was going to have to pull you out forcefully.”

Nicole shuffled around in her seat and sat upright, “Ugh, could this dress be any tighter or skimpier?” she asked off handedly as she tried to pull the hem line down a bit.

“Never mind that Nicole, I need your report. We don’t have long, Nikki is scheduled to be at work in 30 minutes.”

Nicole nodded and tried to rummage through her, or more accurately, Nikki’s memories of the last two weeks. There wasn’t much there, but one night stood out from the rest.

“Last… last Thursday. Senator Grayson was in the club!”

“Grayson? Fuck me, no way.” Steve said shaking his head.

“Yeah, and he spent a lot of time with Benny in the back, then he came back out and took one of the dancers to the VIP area.”

“You’re pulling my leg… Mr. Holier than Thou got a VIP lap dance from a stripper? I mean the guy says that his faith doesn’t allow him to be alone with a woman in public!”

“I know, right? Bastard probably was getting a blow job back there, I wouldn’t put it past ‘Destiny’. God I had these stripper names.”

“Alright, alright…” Steve said, scribing madly in to his notepad, “Here, sign this as your statement.” he said, handing her the pad and the pen. She quickly read over it and signed her name at the bottom and then wrote in her badge number.

“Anything else to report?” he asked.

“No… no I don’t think so. At least nothing other than the normal misdemeanors that go on at any strip club.”

“Ok, then let’s get you back under so you can head in to the club.”

“God, again? Can’t you pull me out yet? I’m going to go crazy if I have to spend another two weeks as Nikki, the dumb stripper.”

“Look, I know it’s hard. But you’re the first plant we’ve managed to get inside the club without being discovered in hours. The hypnotic overlay of Nikki is the only thing getting us information on the owner and his underworld contacts. We’ve almost got everything we need, just another month… two at most.”

Nicole rolled her eyes, took a deep breath and nodded. She had to admit that Nikki was getting in to situations that she would never do herself and getting more information than she thought possible. But that didn’t mean she had to like it.

“Alright, do it.” she said and Steve held grabbed his cell phone and held it up in front of her face. Tapping on the “start” button in the center of the screen, the swirling pattern of lights and sounds dazzled Nicole’s eyes until she slumped back in to the passengers seat.

Nikki stretched out and yawned as the car pulled up to the club, she turned to the cute drive and smiled, “Thanks hon.” she said as she opened the door and stepped out on to the sidewalk.

Her heels clicked against the concrete as she walked up to the front door and the bouncer opened the the door for her, “Hey Nikki, looking good.” he said and she giggled and blew him a kiss.

She headed right in to the back and quickly changed in to her blue bikini and put her things away, eager to get out on to the floor and get to work.

“Hey, Nikki!” the DJ called out just as she emerged from the change room and she headed over to see him.

“Like, yeah babe?” she asked.

“Benny wants to see you in the back before you start.”

“Ok, got it, thanks babe.” she said and turned back around, walking towards Benny’s office.

She knocked on the closed door and Benny yelled out “Come in” from behind it.

“Hey Nikki, come on in.” he said and she stepped inside and closed the door behind her.

She smiled and walked around behind his desk and sat in his lap, “Oh my god Benny, like, haven’t I done enough yet? That bitch Nicole is totally getting on my nerves!”

“I know, I know. Don’t worry, once we can confirm that your partner is investigating Grayson, then we can shut her up once and for all.”

Nikki smiled and leaned in and kiss Benny passionately, his hand coming up from her lap to grab her tits until she managed to spread her legs enough for it to slip between them and find her pussy.

“Oh god baby, that feels so good. Come on, are you gonna fuck me now? Are you gonna fuck your little stripper slut? I want you too, I want that big hard cock in my tight little whore pussy…” she gasped as Benny stood up, still holding her, and then bent her over his desk.

The moment his cock entered her the constant nagging of Nicole’s voice started to fade away, until it was nothing more than a slight whimper the back of her mind.

“Fuck me Benny, fuck me hard!” she cried out, and she moaned with each thrust.

Benny had promised that eventually, Nicole would fade away, but it wasn’t happening fast enough. Nikki had to keep impersonating her when she met with Steve and that meant she had to keep thinking about her and digging through her memories. That made it impossible for her to disappear completely.

But if Benny was done feeding Steve misinformation, then that was a different story. Nikki could put her completely out of her mind and she knew that Benny’s cock would help her with that even more once she didn’t have to think of Nicole ever again.