It was kinda cute how Brandi thought she was still a smart college student, the glasses that had no lens in them, the last book she’d been reading before she met me held upside down in her hand, the tied off t-shirt she’d worn to her track meets.

They all were just off a bit, enough to let anyone who looked at her for more than a second to realize she was just putting on an act. I might have taken pity on her that day and just tweaked her mind a little, but it was another act, the one of the haughty upper class bitch, that had sealed her fate.

Not that she hadn’t been able to pull it off, on the contrary, she was very good at it. Coming from a middle class family, working hard to get scholarships in to a top school, working every chance she got to by second hand luxury brands to try and fit it. She’d mastered every part of the act. So much so, that if she didn’t think about it too much, she even believed it a little herself.

Perhaps that had been why she’d been so obtuse with me that day in the college bookstore, believing that she ‘deserved’ the last copy of the physics textbook that was on the shelf, even though I had clearly already picked it up. The sneer on her face was honest and withering, or it would have been to any other man, for me it was intriguing.

“Hey, I need that!” she’d cried out, pointing at the textbook in my hand. I’d raised an eyebrow and pulled the book towards me.

“Perhaps they have another one in back then. I’m sure they can help you at the front counter.” I’d said calmly and rationally.

The look on her face was pure rage, not being used to being denied whatever she wanted from a man, she had started ranting about… well, whatever she thought her grievance was really. It wasn’t long before one of the staff came over to see what was going on and I assured him everything was fine.

That set her off even more until I’d had enough fun with her and tweaked her mind to silence her. The feeling of wanting to say something but being unable brought and even more strained look to her face as she realized something was off about the whole encounter.

Now, you might be wondering why I was in the bookstore at all. As an gentleman of some years, I was definitely out of place, but you see I practice catch and release with my quarry. And at that particular moment I was picking up some supplies for my previous catch as she would be returning to school in the coming semester now that I was finished with her.

I always liked to ensure that I left them better off than when I found them. Sometimes that was sending them back to school and paying for it. Sometimes that meant getting them a new, better job. Sometimes that meant sending them on a completely different path that would make them far happier than the one they had been on.

Brandi, was going to be a challenge when I was finally done with her, but that was going to be a while yet and so I still had time to figure it out for her. For the time being, I walked over to her, took the book from her fingers, flipped it around and handed it back to her.

“If you’re going to try and look like you’re studying Brandi, at least hold the book right…” I said with a modicum of sympathy.

“Gosh, like, you’re so smart mister!” she replied, her face a going quickly from the studious look she had been to an open expression of awe.

She closed the book and set it on the table she’d been leaning against before standing up and placing her hands behind her back and twisting side to side a little, pushing her tits out.

“Like, maybe you can help me study mister… I’d be so appreciative if you did.” she said with a smile on her lips as she knelt down.

“Oh? And what are yous studying this semester?”

She looked up and a wicked smile crossed her lips, “I’m studying to be the best little cocksucker on campus mister… think you can help me out?”

I smiled down as she undid my pants and quickly wrapped her lips around my shaft, “Oh, I think I can teach you a thing of two about that…”

She had improved greatly in the few weeks since I’d met her, but she did still have a lot of work to go before she’d be ready to take on any number of girls I’d returned to campus over the years for the title.