“Hahaha you’re so funny John. Delusional, but funny.” Gabriela laughed as she stood in the hallway outside of the apartment building’s gym.

“No, seriously, haven’t you ever noticed that I’m the only guy in the entire building?” John asked.

Gabriela slowed her laughing as his question sunk in… was he the only guy? “Oh, come on, be serious… There’s Jack in… in…”

“Jack hasn’t lived here in over two years.” John said.

“Well, what about David…”

“David? Oh, yeah David. He’s been gone over three.”

She scrunched her forehead, trying to think of another name to say, but none came to her.

“And have you looked at the women? I mean, really looked at them?”

“Well… I…”

“Don’t you find it strange that they are all young and look like supermodels or strippers? Can you think of even one ‘average’ looking woman that lives here? One that is over thirty?”

Now Gabriela was starting to get a little concerned, John was acting like he was serious and the questions were getting a little uncomfortable.

“Well… that’s just he area we live in… and I’m not a supermodel *or* a stripper.” she replied, rolling her eyes.

“Oh? What do you do for work?” he asked.

“Well I’m a lawyer of course, you know that!”

“Really? When was the last time you went in to the office? Met with a client? Went to court?”

Her brow furrowed even more as she searched her memory, “Well… I mean… it was… well… well what does it matter?!?” she finally said as she frowned and stomped her foot.

“Ok, how about this then… when was the last time you went to bed before 4am? Or got up before noon?”

“Well.. what time is it now?” she replied with a huff.

“It’s 4:30pm, how long have you been up for today?”

“I… well, maybe a hour?” she replied, now more hesitantly than she wanted to.

“And what did you do last night?”

“I… I was at a party…”

“A party? With who? Your friends?”

“No… I mean, yes… kinda? They were work friends…”

“A work party? On a week night? That went till what… 2am?”

“Y… yes… maybe? I… I…”

“And what were you doing at this work party?”

“I… I was… dancing… oh god… oh god… I was… I was at a strip club dancing!” she gasped as her whole body shivered with the realization.

“So are you a lawyer or a stripper?”

“I’m a stripper!” she cried out, feeling a great relief as if a ton of rocks had been lifted from her shoulders.

“That’s why you come to the gym each day. That’s why you got those big implants stuffed in to your chest. That’s why you act like a complete slut all the time.”

Oh god, it was true, it was all true. She was a stripper in an apartment building full of strippers. She could see it all now, how all the women in the building strutted around like complete whores.

“So, when I said that this building is my personal whorehouse and that today, you are going to be my personal whore, what do you say?”

“Oh god! Please John, please fuck me! Fuck me like your personal whore, use me any way you want to!”

John reached out and placed his hand on the side of her face, his thumb pressing up against her lips and she eagerly sucked in between them.

“That’s better Gabby. You know, you are one of my favorites just for that look of realization on your face every time we have this conversation.” he said and then popped his thumb out of her mouth. Before she could say anything, he wrapped his arm around her waist, dropped his hand on to her ass and guided her towards the elevator.

She let out a little giggle as the rode it up to the penthouse, she knew he’d be fucking her soon, and that was exactly what she wanted right now. Even if she knew that soon, the memory would fade and she would delude herself back in to thinking she was still a lawyer until the next time John decided to use her.