Tammi didn’t hate what she’d become, no, it was more like disappointment.

Disappointment because she’d never gotten to finish university. Disappointment because she’d never gotten to work a real job. Disappointment because no matter how many guys she picked up, they always let her down. Disappointment because there she was, standing around, showing off her tits, and no one was looking.

She let out a little sigh and walked away from the wall she’d been leaning against and out in to the main part of the bar and walked up to bartender, “Hey Tommy, can I get a water please?”

“Sure thing Tammi.” he said, grabbing a bottle of water and handing it to her. She took a swig and a little dribbled down her chin and landed on her tits, Tommy smiled and pointed at the spill.

“Thanks Tommy.” she smiled and wiped up the few drops and sucked them from her finger. She toasted Tommy and then walked out towards the pool, she’d surely find men to look at her there.

She’d arrived at the resort just over a year ago, on spring break from university with friends and had partied for three days before she met him. She still didn’t know his name, or if he’d ever return, but his face was burned in to her mind and she knew she would never forget it.

She had no idea how he’d done it, but somehow he’d entered her mind and twisted it around, until she was hanging off his arm, begging him to fuck her. She spent the next two weeks that he’d stayed at the resort as his personal fuck toy, ignoring her friends, missing her flight, and distancing herself from everyone she knew and cared about.

The day he left, he didn’t say a word to her, he was just gone and she was left alone. She’d tried to leave the resort several times after he’d left, but she found it impossible to get more than a few kilometers from it before she turned around and rushed back. The only good thing was that the hotel hadn’t kicked her out of the room, and in fact had told her she was free to stay in the room indefinitely and had an open tab at the shops, bars and restaurants in the resort.

It wasn’t a bad life really, it was a five star resort and catered to any needs she had, but it was, again, disappointing. Disappointing because she couldn’t go and explore the rest of the island. Disappointing because she couldn’t visit her family. Disappointing because she was bored.

Fortunately, boredom was easily dealt with.

Tammi walked out to the pool and swayed her hips as she made a lap around it, checking out the guys that were there. Many were couples, a few groups of women, and a few groups of young guys as well. As she finished her walk around, she zeroed in on one of the guys that had broken off from a group and made her way over to him.

“Hi, I’m Tammi?” she said, beaming a smile at him.

“Ugh… hi. I’m… I’m Freddie.” he replied and awkwardly stuck out his hand.

She smiled and took his hand and slipped it around her back as she stepped in to him, “A pleasure to meet you Freddie.”

She kissed him, pushing her tongue in to his mouth and her tits against his chest. After a moment she pulled back slightly and licked her lips, “Mmmmm. Freddie I have a problem and was hoping you could help me out with it…”

“Oh.. ah… what is it?” he stumbled over his words.

“Well, I’ve got a needly little pussy between my legs and it needs a big, hard, cock stuffed in to it. Do you have a big, hard, cock, Freddie? I bet you do…” she said, pulling her sunglasses down a bit and then running her hands over his abdomen and down to his obviously hardening shaft.

“Uh… yeah… yeah… I do…” he managed to get out and she smiled, wrapped her hands around his dick through his swim trunks and then pulled him towards the hotel and her room.

“Oh, I’m so glad to hear that Freddie. Follow me and let’s get the big, hard, cock in to my tight, wet, little pussy right away.”

It wasn’t long before they were back in her room and she was flat on her back, her legs beside her head, Freddie’s cock slamming in to her pussy and her tits jiggling all over the place.

She came hard, like she always did, as she said, she didn’t hate what she’d become, it was quite enjoyable really. But it was disappointing. Disappointing because Freddie, or any of the other guys, didn’t fuck her as well a he had. Disappointing because her orgasm was never as good as the ones he had given her. Disappointing because, Freddie and the others, weren’t him.

After a quick cleanup, Freddie left and Tammi laid on the bed for a while, content and happy for a while again. When she finally got up and headed to the bathroom, she had a quick shower and then sat in front of the mirror and fixed her makeup and hair.

The disappointment returned for just a few moments as he hadn’t returned yet. Disappointment that she didn’t know if he was going to return. Disappointment because, deep down, she knew he had not altered her mind to make her stay at the resort.

It was the last one that disappointed her most often, the knowledge that she stayed because to leave would mean that he might miss his return, and that was a disappointment that she would not be able to live with.