Her big doe eyes looked up at me and I couldn’t help but smile. She was young, younger than I normally took interest in, but she’d walked in to the club her in faux goth attire, trying so hard to fit in with the rest of the revelers that she stood out like a sore thumb.

She’d arrived with and older group of girls, one of which I assumed was probably her older sister, but they’d dumped her as soon as they could and she’d been standing against a wall for a while before I approached her.

That was when I’d first gotten a good look at those big, beautify eyes. I knew right then and there I’d be adding her to my collection and wasted no time in claiming her as my own. Entering her mind and twisting her infatuation with goth culture around until it was focused on me, and me alone.

She’d followed me around for the rest of the night as one by one I found the other girls she’d come with and eased in to their minds and ensured they wouldn’t miss her. Then, I left with her in tow and headed back to my home.

There had been a few things for me to do before I could turn my attention to her, but she’d quietly knelt down beside my desk and waited patiently for me to finish.

I leaned over and reached around the back of her neck, finding the latch for the collar and undid it, “Spikes are a no-no.” I admonished.

I watched her face crash in to despair, “I’m sorry… I won’t do it again!” she almost blubbered as her lower lip quivered.

“Not to worry, you didn’t know any better. You do now, that’s all that matters.” I said and slipped my hand around her jaw line until my fingers reached her lips and I ran my thumb over them.

“And black lipstick from now on, ok?”

She nodded her head, I moved by hand up and ran it through her hair, “And this blonde has to go, deep dark black only. Do you know why?”

She shook her head from side to side, “Because black is the colour of emptiness and your head is going to be as empty as can be from now on.”

A moan escaped her lips as she leaned in to my hand. I took a step back and held out my hand, which she took and I pulled her up to her feet. I then turned her around and pulled up her skirt and shook my head.

“Tsk tsk. The black stockings are good and the yellow and black skirt was passable, but White panties? Take them off right now.”

She quickly reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties down, stepped out of them and then tossed them to the side.

I reached around and grabbed her breasts, “These… these are perfect though. This will be your defining fashion statement from now on. Sheer tops and black tape.”

“Oh god, thank you…” she moaned out as she leaned her head back in to my chest and looked up at me. I leaned over slightly and kissed her as my right hand slipped down her front and under her skirt to her moistening pussy.

She wiggled her ass back in to my crotch, she moaned and squirmed, her body begging for more of my attention. But I stopped and pulled back, her voice whimpering in desperation, her eyes pleading for more.

I walked towards the bedroom and knew she would be following right behind me like she had all night. It would be a mostly uneventful romp, I had already looked through her mind and knew she had lots of fantasies but little experience. That would change of course over the next weeks and months, but for tonight she would only experience the first of many blissful orgasms that she would have as my new plaything.