Pink… god she hated the colour, but it had seemed to infect her entire life somehow. She’d been dumbfounded the other day when she came home from the salon with it in her hair. She could clearly remember going to the salon for her weekly maintenance, almost on autopilot, and then looking in the mirror when she arrived home. She could clearly *remember* asking for it, but she couldn’t remember wanting it.

It was the same with her shopping habits these days, she’d go out to get a new pair of flats for work, and come home with half a dozen pair of pink heels instead. Or like the outfit she was wearing now, go out to by a new power suit for work and come back with a pink dress of some kind.

It was all very confusing and even more so since she kept wearing the stuff she had bought and throwing out her old clothes!

She let out a little sigh as she walked from her office building to the curb where her boyfriend Barry was waiting in the car. At least the people at the office couldn’t really say anything, as CEO and owner of the company she set the rules. Not that it stopped people from staring of course, but she could handle that.

In fact, recently the staring had kinda of excited her in a way she’d never felt before. It was… unsettling. Not that she hadn’t been stared at most of her life, she was a beautiful woman, but she’d never been excited about it per se, usually just mildly annoyed.

She’d walked from the conference room the other day, where half a dozen men stared at her throughout the meeting, and almost ran back to her office so she could masturbate and take the edge off. Masturbation had become a far more common event as well, it wasn’t like she was a prude or anything, she had a drawer full of toys at home by her bed for just such occasions. But this was something else, she was masturbating at least three times a day at the office and a few more at home as well!

The click of her heels finally came to a stop at the car and she opened the door, careful not to break any of her long pink nails as she did so. She slipped in to the passengers seat and smiled over at Barry.

“Hey baby.” he said and leaned over, his eyes never leaving her cleavage, and she returned his kiss with her tongue.

Her pussy was wet and eager to see him, she hadn’t had a chance to masturbate before leaving the office and Barry’s cock was better than her fingers anyway.

He broke off the kiss and leaned back in to his seat, “How was your day?”

“Ugh… Those idiots in marketing don’t know the first thing about selling product, and the CFO has had to, yet again, update the forecast for the investors. God, if I didn’t know any better I’d think they were as useless as my hairdresser, I mean why didn’t she dye all of my hair? How dumb can you be? At least I got a chance to read some of those great magazines she has and found the absolutely fabulous dress in one. I went online and ordered it and they had it in pink too! *squeal*”

Barry nodded and smiled as I rambled on and on about the new makeup I’d found, or the new heels I wanted, or whatever else tumbled out of my mouth until we arrived back at my place.

He shut off the car after pulling in to my underground parking spot and I looked over desperately at him bitting my lower lip, “Barry… can I… you know?”

Barry frowned, “Right here? Can’t you wait till we get up stairs?”

She shook her head and pouted a bit, “Fine, but you know what that means later, right?” he asked.

She nodded in agreement and smiled as she leaned over and used her nails to pull down his zipper and then fished his dick out of his pants. Her head dove down and her lips wrapped around him, her pussy buzzing with excitement.

“God Bambi, you’ve gotten so good at sucking cock…” Barry said and her whole body buzzed as a small orgasm came over her.

The first time Barry had called her Bambi she’d almost smack him across the face, but now she just accepted it as his little nickname for her during sex. And well, she couldn’t really argue with the other point he made about her, she was a much better cocksucker now than she had been when the first started dating.

Back then she’d been, well, not fridged, but more focused on her own pleasure than his. Now, they were the same thing. It didn’t matter if he was licking her clit or she was sucking his balls, it all felt amazing to her.

“Come on Bambi, we don’t have all night.” Barry said and reached over and gave her ass a slap. She dutiful picked up the pace until she felt his cum fill her mouth and she swallowed every last drop.

After tucking Barry back in to his pants she sat back up, flipped the sun visor down and opened the mirror to fix her makeup, “Thanks Barry, Bambi need that sooooo badly. *giggle*”

Barry got out of his side of the car and walked around and opened the door to hers just as she was finishing up. She took his hand and got out of the car as he closed the door and slipped his arm around her waist, his hand coming to rest on her ass.

She leaned in and slipped her arm around him before letting out a soft giggle as they walked towards the elevators that would take them to her condo.

“Barry, like, are you gonna fuck Bambi later? Bambi really needs it Barry! Bambi is soooooo horny these days! *giggle*”

God she hated talking like a bimbo, but a deal was a deal. Barry had let her suck him off in the car so she was going to play “Bambi, the slutty bimbo” for the rest of the night. Not that it was hard to do these days, but still, it was the principle of the matter.

“You know it Bambi, you know it.”

She smiled and giggled as Barry pulled out his phone and unlocked it. She paid no attention to it as he’d started squeezing her ass as they rode up the elevator and that had all of her attention.

Barry check the app and couldn’t believe it was only at 60% complete. Barbra was already a complete slut and eagerly doing whatever he wanted, what would she be like at 100%.

Of course he knew that he only got to see her part of the time and obviously she was still functioning in the office to a large degree, so that would account for the other 40% he was sure, but still.

He’d never thought he’d be one of those people to use the app, he’d been over the moon when they’d started dating, everything seemed perfect. Barbra was perfect; smart, successful, independent, and fun to be around.

Sure, she was way out of his league, but he thought they had a good relationship. That is until he found some messages on her phone to a friend of hers saying the only reason she hadn’t kicked him to the curb yet was because he was still better than a vibrator. It had hurt him deeply and that’s when he remembered about the app.

It wasn’t widely known, still a very much underground kinda of thing, but he had a few seedy friends that claimed they had contacts that could get it. He’d reach out and a week later it was in his possession.

Of course he’d had to tread carefully over that time, making sure to keep Barbra happy, but it was well worth it now.