A hands on kind of leader...

Mission accomplished!

So in my last news post I mentioned that:

My goal for the next few weeks is to get the daily posts completed until the end of the year, and then focus on writing some longer stories as well to start working backwards through my old blog posts to properly tag them.

Well, good news everyone! I’ve completed my dialy posts up until the end of the year (actually to January 2nd 2022 just because of how the weekends fell).

And since I have completed the entire year, I can now calculate my word count for the year for the blog, which will stand at 233,529 words. Which means with the ~27k words I’ve already published elsewear, I’ll easily break 250k words published this year. Which will also beat my next best year by almost 70k words.

That means I’ll be writing some more longer form stories over the next few months and hope to get to my 50k word total before mid-year, in which case I’ll re-evalute my goal and probably move it back to 100k.

As always, thanks for those that read (and enjoy ?) my writing and especially those that reach out and provide comments or just say hi.

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