A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday March 27, 2021

“*giggle* Like this?” Ditzy asked as I held up the camera and snap another photo.

“Yep, that’s great, now do the other side too.”

Ditzy looked confused, well more confused than normal, for a moment and then giggled as she grabbed the other side of her skirt and did the same thing. Even her pea brain could figure out what to do next and she curtsied down. Unfortunately the complex task was too much for her and she fell backwards on to her plump ass when she tried to get back upright.

It didn’t matter though, she descended in to a giggling fit which made for a great image anyway.

This was, perhaps, the hardest part of the job. There were so many girls like her on the market these days that finding good photo’s to really sell any unique trait that they had was nearly impossible.

Take Ditzy for example. Many might thing the two enormous jugs on her chest would be a selling feature for her, but that simply wasn’t the case. Big tits, small tits, giant tits, gigantic tits, whatever size you wanted were out there and everyone had their own preference. The reality of it was that virtually every girl that came through my service would have a new set of tits within a year anyway, so where they started didn’t make much of a difference.

The big broad smile? A simple trip to any accredited training center could add that to any girl you wanted for a minimal fee.

The dumb bimbo personality? Nothing more than an overnight to the same training center.

None of these things would really sell her and so I had to work harder to bring out her best so she’d fetch the best price.

In Ditzy’s case, it was the complete package that I was sell. Sure she was a bimbo, but not just another bleached blonde California girl. She had big tits, but not just another inflated rack, but a pair of perfectly spherical tits sat perfectly on her body that filled out anything she wore. Cutesy fashion sense, yep, but just different enough to tone down the colours a bit and bring out something a little different about her.

All put together, they made Ditzy a compelling buy, or at least that is what I was hoping.

Taking on a bimbo is always a risk, they seldom bring good money these days, but if you find the right buyer and get them cheap enough, well, there was money to be made.

In Ditzy’s case, I’d picked her up for a steal when the seller traded her in on another girl that I had in my catalog. By the time the deal was done, Ditzy was pretty much a freebie, so anything I made from her was found money.

I stepped over and smiled down at her, extending my hand to help her up. She managed to get half way up before her programming kicked and she leaned in to my groin, her fingers going for my zipper.

I stroked the side of her face and she looked up at me with hunger in her eyes, “Sorry Ditzy, not right now, maybe later.”

The hunger vanished and turned to disappointment, her lips pouting as she let out a little whine.

That was the other part of my job that gave this a run for it’s money in challenge. With a dozen girls back at the shop at any time, each and every one of them eager to get in my pants, I had to metaphorically beat them off with a stick. Of course there was no need for a beating in reality, a simple “no” sufficed every time.

I took a few more photos and then headed back to my shop, Ditzy eagerly trailing a few steps behind me. I got her settled in to her stall and then sat at my desk and worked on her listing. I filled in the obvious items and then added the price, but as always, I opened up her dossier from the Ministry of Labour to see if there was anything interesting I should include in the listing.

Flipping through it, I found pretty much what I expected. She had been an executive at a fortune 500 company, well on her way up the ladder when she’d been charged with embezzlement. A common enough story, even with a high paying job like she had it was hard to keep up with the freedom fees, at least if you were a woman.

A quick trail and sentencing had seen her be sold to a former rival in the company, until he’d grown bored with her and sold her on. Three more owners later, and she was in my shop.

Closing the dossier I clicked submit on the listing and pushed my chair back from my desk, letting a sigh. The hard work was done, now it was only a question of if someone would be interested at the right price.

An idea crossed my mind and I opened my e-mail, starting a new message…

Hello Sir, you do not know me but I have recently come in to the possession of an old acquaintance of yours. One Diana Dizmonda.

I thought you might be interested in reliving some old times with her and if so, please see the attached listing for her at my shop.

Your’s sincerely,


Proprietor of The Second Hand Doll Company

It was a long shot of course, but there was always a possibility of sellers regret in such cases and it couldn’t hurt.

I clicked on send and closed my notebook for the night, tomorrow would be another day and I still hadn’t chosen which of my inventory I was going to take home for the night.

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