Dani had to admit that it had been a mistake making those wishes, not because of how her giant tits stuck out from her body, or the way her puffy lips never quite closed fully, or how even the slightest touch sent her pussy into convulsions. No, it had been a mistake because of Mark.

She hadn’t known it at the time of course, how could she? She was just a mousy little thing that was infatuated with him and didn’t know any better. How could she know he was a porn-addicted deviant? He looked so… normal.

The first wish had been the one to do her in, it seemed innocent enough at the time… “I just want Mark to notice me”.

The genie, or jinn, or whatever it was had just nodded and in an instant her body had changed. Gone was the dull, short brown hair she’d always had, replaced with a lush shoulder-length black mane that would be the envy of almost anyone. Her acne was gone, her lips were fuller, her nose smaller, her breasts bigger, her waist small, her hips wider, her skin softer, everything about her was just… better.

And Mark did notice her… just. At work that day he had said hello and even talked to her in the kitchenette a bit, before going back to his desk and continuing on with his work.

It had sent a thrill down her spine that she just had to have more of. So, when she got home, she had made a second wish.

“I want Mark to be infatuated with me too.”

It had been a worse wish than the first, an instant after she had made it her body had changed even more. And not just a little bit, but by a lot. She was now a walking wet dream, tits for miles, duck sucking lips, bedroom eyes and an ass that just begged to be slapped.

But it wasn’t her body that she noticed first, it was the changes to her mind that really hit home. Mark liked his women slutty, fake and insatiable, and now she was all those things and more. She knew every little thing that would turn him on, that would make him unable to resist her.

The next day she didn’t even both going to her desk, she just went straight to his, got under his desk and gave him a blowjob right there in the middle of the office. She’d been his personal fuck toy ever since.

Of course Mark had taken her home and she’d moved in with him, quitting her job and spending her days preparing for him to arrive home, which he always promptly did as soon as his workday was done.

The problem was that no matter how many times he fucked her, no matter how early he arrived home, it still wasn’t enough. Because Mark was a porn-addicted deviant and that meant Dani needed more than he could ever give her.

Which was why she was sitting in front of the jinn contemplating her last wish. Finally, known it would be her last chance to get things right she spoke, “I wish I had enough cocks to satisfy me.”

The jinn smiled and then disappeared and nothing seemed to change, but slowly the realization dawned on her that she had new knowledge and she quickly grabbed her phone and opened up her contacts. What she found wasn’t her usual small list of half a dozen people, but a long list of first names followed by their last names replaced with a number of dollar signs and several emoji.

She knew the dollar signs indicated how much each paid to fuck her, while the emoji signified what they liked; eggplant for oral, cherry for titty fucking, taco for vaginal, peach for anal, etc.

Dani quivered in excitement as a message came in to her phone, “Dave $$??: Are you available in an hour?”

Her long nails flew over the keyboard as she replied and another message arrived from another man. A broad smile crossed her lips and she knew that her wish had been granted, she had all the cocks she needed to satisfy her at her fingertips now.