Mordra stepped through the portal, the slick sheen of hell glistening off of her flesh as she emerged in to the mortal realm. Turning her head, her horns tall and proud, to the side she gave a smile to the human that stood before her, the light of the flickering candles reflecting in the terrified eyes of it.

“IT WORK!” the human said in a shriek that was music to Mordra ears.

“You are the one that has summoned me?” Mordra said with menace in her voice.

“YES! I mean… yes. I have summoned you and you must do my bidding.” the woman replied, gaining some semblance of control over her own voice.

Mordra looked over the woman, her slight build and unremarkable appearance while she clutched the old tomb closely to her chest almost made Mordra roll her eyes. It had been a long time since she had been summoned, but that didn’t mean she hadn’t keep up on what the humans had been up to. This one would have been colloquially referred to as a wall flower at best.

“Then tell me what it is that you seek from me human.” he intoned as the candles flickered and the room grew even darker for a moment.

“I… I want Kevin. I want him to be mine.” the human replied as she pushed her glasses up her nose slightly.

“Is this the task you have summoned me for? To grant you this boon? To wrap this… Kevin, around your little finger like some lost puppy?”

“Yes! Yes, that is what I want.”

“And for this you will grant me my freedom?”

“Y… yes.” the woman replied more hesitantly.

Mordra stepped forward and smiled, wrapping her arms around the woman, she kissed her on the lips even as the woman tried to resist for the first few seconds. The resistance didn’t last long as Mordra enveloped the woman’s entire being, slowly drawing out her essence until their bodies started to merge.

By the time… Karen, yes her name was Karen, realized what was happening it was too late. Mordra’s horns receded back in to her skull and her tattoos started to fade. At the same time, Karen’s features started to appear on Mordra’s face and the rest of her body started to shift towards Karen’s appearance.

When it was over, Mordra stood there, several inches shorter than she had been, with a body somewhere halfway between what the two of them had been.

“This will not do.” Mordra said as Karen screamed inside of their now shared head. Mordra closed her eyes for a moment and focused her magic on her body her breasts expanding, her waist constricting, her features refining, until she stood there transformed.

“What… what have you done…” the small voice of Karen screamed in the back of Mordra’s mind.

Mordra only smiled and walked over to the candles and distinguished them one by one, then turned on the light of the room. She then walked out of the spare room of Karen’s apartment and to the main bathroom where she stood in front of the mirror and smiled.

“Do you see what I have done now mortal?” she asked and the small voice in the back of her mind only whimpered in response.

“I have made you what all men desire, this Kevin will be unable to resist. And when he is at our feet, begging to worship us, I shall take his soul and leave you with him. He will be unable to resist anything you ask of him, he will belong to you. I will leave you with him, as you are with me now, and he shall be yours.”

Mordra heard the continued whimpering of Karen’s thoughts, but paid little mind to them. She would be free of them soon enough and then she would be free to roam the earth for as long as Karen’s body lasted.