“God, why does it feel so good to be down on all fours?” Kim thought to herself as she looked over her shoulder and out in to her backyard. She knew he would be there, though from this angle she was sure he couldn’t see her.

Her lips formed a frown, was she happy about that or sad?

Unsure she lowered her shoulders down until her erect nipples touched the rough carpet and she let out a moan and bit her lower lip as she pushed her ass even higher in to the air.

Her hand slipped up between her legs and found her moist pussy, her fingers quickly moving deep in to it.

“Oh god Davy!” she let out in a half moan, half cry, “Fuck your little asian slut!”

They were words she would never have even thought just a few weeks ago, but she knew Davy was a racist piece of shit the day she’d moved in to her new house, the day he’d introduced himself as “The big white dick next door.”

Her fingers worked her pussy hard and her orgasm started to crest, “Yes Davy! Yes! Fuck me with that big white cock!”

She came hard and collapsed on to the carpet, panting and still wondering why it felt so good.

Kim had butterflies in her stomach as she stood at the backyard door, could she really do this?

She looked down at herself and almost turned around and ran back to her bedroom, but instead her hand reached out and touched the doorknob. It was humiliating, the tight white top, the super short blue miniskirt, the bright red heels. She could even just see her hair in the reflection of the window, several shades lighter than when she’d gone to the hair salon earlier that day. It was harder to see the shiny pink lip gloss of light blue eye shadow in the reflection, but she knew it was there none the less.

She closed her eyes and twisted the knob open and walked out to her patio where her heels made a distinctive click, click, click as she walked around it. It wasn’t long before Davy stuck his head over the fence to see what was making the noise.

“Hey Kim, beautify day out isn’t it?”

She smiled and nodded, “Oh yes Davy san, a very nice day.”

Oh god, she couldn’t believe she’d said the words out loud, but her pussy was buzzing and her cheeks were blazing red as well.

Davy smiled, “Hey, did you do something with your hair? It looks different…”

She beamed a smile and then held her fingers to her lips, “Oh! Thank you for noticing Davy san. Yes, I make it, how you say, more American, to fit in better.”

She couldn’t believe how degrading those words were, or how horny they were making her! Her family was third generation American, she was a high paid executive!

“Come over her and let me get a better look at it.” It wasn’t a question, it was a command and her feet immediately carried her over to the fence where Davy’s head poked over. When she arrived he reached over and stroked her semi-blonde hair and she leaned her head in to his had and let out a little moan as she closed her eyes.

Before she opened them, his thumb was on her lips and she instinctively wrapped them around it and gently sucked it in to her mouth.

“You are quite the little asian slut aren’t you Kim?” he said as she opened her eyes and she just nodded as she continued to suck on his thumb.

“Would you like something else to suck on slut?” he asked and Kim’s eyes went wide and then she nodded her head once more.

“Good. My front door is open, walk out of your front door and over to mine. I’ll be waiting over in my chair there for you.” he said, flicking his head over towards what looked to be a comfortable sun chair under an umbrella. Then he popped his thumb from between her lips and turned and walked away.

She stood there for a moment, her lips parted, her pussy buzzing, her mind racing. Could she really do it? Could she go out her front door looking like some perverted asian fantasy for any of the other neighbours to see?

Her lower lip quivered as the battle in her head raged on, but it was her feet that won out as they carried her closer and closer to her front door.

Davy looked down at his neighbour between his legs, her head bobbing up and down as she sucked his dick.

“Fuck Kim, you need a lot of practice at this don’t you?” he said he and felt her speed up slightly, but still missing the point of a proper blowjob.

He shook his head made a mental note to add some new “ideas” to his subharmonic program that he’d been running through the large speaker pointed at her house since the day she’d moved in.

It had taken quite a while, but the results spoke, or sucked, for themselves.

He wondered how much longer it would be before she quit her job and was on his doorstep, bugging him to take her in. He wasn’t sure, but he was sure that he was going to have a lot of fun with her in the meantime.