“Really? humff Well, I guess sure.” Kim said as she leaned over a bit, titled her head to one side and then stuck her tongue out a bit.

giggle How was that?” her head feeling a little light but quickly clearing.

“Not bad Kim… not bad, but maybe…” Derek replied.

“Maybe what?” she replied as she stood back up, another wave of lightheadedness coming over her.

“Well, you know, they might want to see.. a bit more…” Derek said, holding his camera in one hand and shrugging his shoulders slightly.

Kim rolled her eyes, “God, men just can’t get enough boobs can they? giggle” her head swirling even faster.

“Hey, I’m just the messenger…” Derek said and Kim hooked her fingers under the straps that held her dress up and pulled them down until her tits popped out. The cool air against her skin instantly hardened her nipples.

Well it was that or the fact that Derek was snapping another photo of her.

A naughty thought entered her mind from somewhere and she leaned forward once more, placing her hands on each side of her breasts and pushed them together and jiggled them.

“Wu like Kimmy’s wits?” she said in a terrible accent. Her pussy quivered as her stomach did back flips, without thinking her fingers found her hard nipples and tugged on them.

“Kimmy wuv wu long time!”

Derek continued to take photos as Kim couldn’t control her fingers any more, they released her nipples and slipped down to tug her hemline up over her bare pussy. Then they slipped in to her moist slit and she moaned loudly.

“Mmmm… Me so horny!” The words escaped her lips before she even realized she wanted to say them.

“Kimmy ruv wucky fucky! Kimmy suck wu, wu fuck Kimmy!”

Kim’s mind was no longer able to process how wrong what was happening was, instead all she could think about was the cock that was certainly in Derek’s pants.

Kim dropped to her knees and crawled over to Derek, her fingers quickly unzipping his pants and pushed her face up to his stiffening shaft, “Kimmy sucky, you fucky, ok?” she asked and without waiting for an answer quickly wrapped her lips around him and pushed all the way to the base of his dick.

Kim looked at the dress in disgust, she’d heard of yellow fever before, but this was taking it to a whole new level.

She’d been hesitant to take the modeling job, but with times being what they were, she had little choice and needed the money. Derek had been after her pretty much since the day she’d arrived in LA to chase after her modeling dreams. She’d gotten some work, in videos and online marketing campaigns, but the majority of her work had been at the conventions.

With them no longer happening, she’d eventually agreed to do a photo shoot with Derek just to make ends meet. She’d been surprised at what he was offering to pay her, it wasn’t like either of them were famous, but Derek was offing triple what she would normally make for a full weekend at a convention.

It had made her even more suspicious of him, but after confirming through her agent that there was no nudity or other unacceptable shenanigans going on, he had admitted that he had a patron that paying for everything. She’d met that kind of guy before at conventions and in the clubs, eager to buy their way in to her good graces, normally she would have shut them down, but this wasn’t a normal time.

She let out a sigh and quickly stripped down and put the dress on before sitting down at the makeup table and looking at the reference photo Derek had left for her along with a small jewelery box.

She shook her head in disgust, it was as bad as she had thought. Resigned to it, she opened jewelery box and smiled, at least the earrings looked nice. She plucked one out of the box and frowned a little, it seemed too heavy for it’s size.

She shrugged her shoulders an placed the earring back in the box and then got started on her hair and makeup.

“Yeah, everything went fine.” Derek said as he held his phone to his ear, “She’s just getting cleaned up now. Should be there in 40, 45 minutes tops.”

Just as he hung up Kim walked out of the change room, her makeup fixed, her yellow dress once more covering her privates. In her hand was a small yellow purse, but the only think that interested Derek were the two earrings dangling from her earlobes.

“Hey Kimmy, all ready?”

“Wike, yeppers! giggle

Kim smiled at him and then wiggled her ass over and hooked her arm through his.

He almost felt sorry for her, but then again, everyone was struggling to make ends meet these days, he was no exception. When he’d been approached about the job, he hadn’t believed it was possible and so had humored the man.

It was only when he opened the case full of money, along with a small jewelery box, that he’d taken him seriously. The deal was simple, as long as he got a photo of Kim wearing the earrings, the money was his.

He sighed and guided Kim out of his studio and to his car, the meeting was across town, a random parking garage that wouldn’t garner any attention. He was sure that whoever he was meeting wasn’t the real client, just some flunky on the payroll like him.

That gave him pause for a moment, but only a moment, before he closed the passengers side door and walked around and got in his car and drove off.