The sun was getting low in the sky so she knew he’d be home soon… at least she hoped he would be.

He’d been gone for two weeks, on some kind of business trip and she was desperate for him to get home. Not only did she want to show him how much work she’d done on her ass in the gym while he’d been away, she was desperate for him to give her a good hard spanking.

She closed her eyes and tilted her head back slightly as her lower lip quivered at the thought of his hand landing on her ass.

She wondered what time it was, his flight was due in at 5 and it take a while to get through traffic. Had she been paying more attention she would have set her phone on the couch before she knelt down to wait for him. It was too late now though, she couldn’t take the risk that he’d arrive when she was on her feet instead of her knees when he arrived.

That would be an unforgivable mistake, and she wasn’t willing to risk it.

Just the thought of going another day, let alone another week or more before he laid her over his lap and spank her until she came and came and came, was more than enough to keep her right where she was. No matter how long it would be, minutes or hours, it didn’t matter.

It did give her a chance to reflect on all the work she’d done to get to this point though. The months in the gym that continued to this day, the lip injections that puffed up her natural thin lips, the implants that sat high and proud on her chest, the hours each week in the salon that kept her hair the perfect shade of blonde.

It was all worth it even if she only ever felt his hand on her ass once more.

Of course she would do anything he wanted her to, to ensure that it wasn’t just once more, but many more times. Just as she had done everything he wanted her to do up to this point.

There had been a time she had been his boss, a bitch in heels that had been climbing the corporate ladder above him. She’d humiliated him in front of other members of the management team and even tried to get him fired.

She looked back at those days in shame, she was so glad he’d known it wasn’t her fault really. When he’d bent her over his knee for the first time and spanked her as she blubbered how sorry she was for it all. It wasn’t long after that when she’d turned in her resignation, recommending him to replace her. She’d moved in to his house a few weeks later, after selling almost everything she’d owned at his direction.

Her pussy twitched as she heard the front door open and the close again and his footsteps come in to the living room. They were followed by the sound of his bag hitting the floor.

She didn’t move or say a word, she knew better, but it wasn’t long before his footsteps came up behind her and he reached down and rubbed her ass. She let out a moan but otherwise stayed still.

“Have you been good? No masturbation?”

“Yes Sir. No Sir.” she responded.

“You haven’t used your paddle?”

“No Sir.”

“Haven’t watched your favorite porn?”

“No Sir.”

“Haven’t played with your favorite dildo?”

“No Sir.”

“Good.” he replied and then lifted his hand slightly from her ass and gave it a light slap.

Her whole body quivered as the pleasure coursed through her and she let out a gasp.

He waked over beside her and sat down on the couch, “Take the position.” he said, tapping his lap and she eager crawled over him and laid across it.

He rubbed her ass for a moment before speaking, “Now then, what do you say?”

“Please Sir, spank my ass. I deserve it. I’m just a worthless piece of ass for you to use any what you see fit.”

His hand lifted from her ass and the came down hard on it. Then again, and again, and again. Her first orgasm came after the third slap, many more followed.

The only thought that peculated up through the fog of pleasure was that as good as this felt, it would be ten times better when he shoved his dick in to her ass between the two cherry red cheeks that she couldn’t have soon enough.

Dave looked down at his cum dribbling out of Rebekah’s ass, her quivering body splayed out on the bed. He rolled off of the bed and then went in to the bathroom to clean up quickly before heading back out to the living room.

He picked up his computer case and pulled out his phone, unlocking it and starting the custom app that was hidden away on it. He click on Rebekah’s name and it brought up her stats, confirming that she hadn’t orgasmed since he’d left.

He smiled and double checked a few other things, everything looked perfect. If she’d been even half as much of a bitch as she had been, he probably would have shared his discovery with her and the company, but after yet another pubic humiliation at her hands, he’d had enough.

Getting the software on her phone had been easy, she was a technophobe so the first time something didn’t work right for her, she’d eagerly handed over her device for him to “look at”. After that the powerful subliminal had done their work within a week or two, so much so that she didn’t even realize that she used the app every day to record her own statistics about just about everything. From workout times, to orgasms, to weight and fitness.

He closed Rebekah’s stats and then noticed the newly coloured entry just below it, “Stephanie”. He smiled, she was one of the people he’d met on his trip, from one of the venture capital firms he had been meeting with.

She’d laughed in his face when he’d described what he’d accomplished, luckily that wasn’t until after he’d installed the software on her phone to demonstrate it for her.

The fact that her entry and changed from grey to colour meant that she’d entered her first set of statistics, and that meant she was ready for her first set of commands.

He smiled again and then tapped on her entry before selecting several options. He’d been enjoying Rebekah’s ass quite a bit, but there was only so much ass he could fuck. Tits on the other hand, well, he wasn’t sure if there was some limit to those but he was willing to find out with Stephanie.