Darla stood at one end of the pool and looked across it at all of her “friends”, their jealous gaze sweeping across her for only a moment before being turned away.

She’d been like them once; bitchy, uptight, feminist. and holier than thou no matter how holy you might be.

She’d attended these parties just like they were now, grouped together in a herd to protect themselves from any other ideas that might present themselves. Just a few months ago she’d been lucky enough to get separated from the herd of like minded women by Jason and shown all kinds of new ideas.

At first she’d blown him off, what kind of question was “How can you be a feminist if you’re not feminine?”

She’d spouted off her canned rhetoric about a man not understanding and having no say in it, but for some reason the question stuck in her mind even as she walked away from him. An hour or so later, she had wandered around the party, looking for him to give him a piece of her mind.

When she found him, he’d gladly accepted her gift and thing were so much easier since then. No that he had a piece of her mind, and a pretty large one at that, she’d found peace of mind, letting him do all the hard thinking for her.

Within a week she’d moved in to his place, within a month she’d had her implants installed, and now she’d completed her entire makeover and was excited to show it off.

The reaction from her old friends had been predicable, after all, who wouldn’t be jealous of her? She’d worked hard to become as feminine as she could so she could be the best feminist she could be.

She felt a hand gently touch her lower back and then slip down on to her ass. She turned to see Jason standing beside her and she beamed at him. He leaned in and she did the same until their lips met and a jolt of excitement ran down her spine to her pussy as their tongues intertwined.

Even with her eyes closed she could feel the jealous daggers that were being stared at her from across the pool. It only had her more excited and so she slipped her hand down to Jason’s crotch and rubbed it in full view of them.

It didn’t last long enough, he broke it off before she wanted him to and she pouted just a little as their lips separated, “How are you making out Darla?”

She smiled and let out a contented sigh, “Just great darling, but even better now that you’re here.” she replied and he gave her ass a squeeze.

“You’re not going to go over and join your fiends?” he asked.

“Oh darling, no. I mean look at those sad little people over there, they’re not feminists at all really.”


“Just look at them, when was the last time they went to the gym? Or the salon? Or their surgeons? I could never mingle with such anti-feminists such as them.”

Jason smiled and gave her ass another squeeze and a slap. She gave a little squeal of excitement in response.

“That’s a good girl, now which one of your friends do you think is the most anti-feminist of them all and could use my help showing them the error of their ways?”

Darla’s eyes lit up and she gasped a little, “OH! It’s Rebeka for sure! She’s so anti-feminist I think she might actually be a lesbian!”

Jason smiled, “That’s the brunette on the right?”

Darla nodded in agreement and Jason took a step away from her towards the other side of the pool. He grabbed his hand and held him back for a moment.

“Darling…” she started, “Do you think… I mean only if she is… that she could lick my pussy once you’ve had a talk with her?”

Jason turned his head as she spoke and smiled, “I don’t see why not Darla, a good feminist should always be taking care of her friends after all.”

Darla’s pussy quivered as he walked away and she knew that eventually all of her old friends would be on this side of the pool with her, true feminists one and all, just like her.