Dani walked down the hallway swaying her hips with each step as she approached the living room where Thomas was waiting for her.

“Hello Sir.” she said as she approached him and smiled.

Thomas looked up from the tablet he held as he sat in his favorite chair and smiled, “Ah, Dani, there you are. I see you finished the next version of the software.” he said, tilting the tablet in her general direction and she could see the e-mail she had sent him just a few minutes ago.

“Yes Sir. I think you will find I was able to include all of the features you requested and reduced the executable size by 30% as well.”

“Very good Dani. And how are the new features coming along with you?” he ask.

“Very well Sir. The new vocabulary set has been 60% installed, along with 40% of the new oral techniques, and 80% of the new sexual positions.”

Thomas nodded, “How long before 100% completion?” he asked.

“Four days for the vocabulary, six for the oral and one for the positions.”

“Well, I guess I can wait another week. Have you deployed it out to the next test subjects?”

“Yes Sir. I infiltrated Amy, your ex-wife’s, phone last week and installed a backdoor in it, I deployed the software just before I sent you the update. Jessica, your favorite stripper, was trivial to infect with a fishing attack. Jennifer, our… I mean your boss at work was the easiest of them all.”

“Good, and the settings you applied to them?”

“Amy will become obsessed with being punished for how she ‘wronged’ you during the divorce, ending in an extreme anal and spanking addition. Jessica will be overtaken with the need to be your mistress with a focus on her physical beauty as a way to achieve that. Jennifer will develop a compulsion to become your subordinate; for you to tell her what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.”

“Good. And you?”

“As always Sir, I remain your most loyal and obedient property.”

“And have you scheduled your reward for your most recent accomplishment?”

“Oh yes Sir! The surgeon has scheduled me in for this Friday.”

Thomas nodded once more and then set the tablet on the table beside his chair. He then undid his house coat belt and opened it, revealing his manhood.

Dani’s eyes fixated on it, her tongue licking her lips as her pussy moistened.

“Well, I guess I’d better use those tits of yours a few more times before you go under the knife.”

She quickly wiggled her ass around in front of him and knelt down, while at the same time reaching around behind her to undo her bikini top. She tossed it to the side just after her knees touched the floor. She leaned forward and pushed her tits together, wrapping them around his hardening shaft.

“Thank you Sir! I love it when you fuck my tits! I can’t wait until they are bigger, rounder, and firmer… so they can be even better to fuck!”

It wasn’t long before streams of cum were coating her face and tits.

Thomas looked down at the glazed eyes of Daniela, each stream of cum that had landed on her had caused an orgasm and she was clearly blissed out after the experience.

They had been working together for almost a year, well competing against each other really, when he’d been browsing through her work computer and found what she had been working on. A new type of subliminal messaging that could be used through pretty much any display.

The reason she hadn’t shared it with anyone else, that he’d found in her journal, was that she was having problems getting it to be more than 20% effective.

After he’d reviewed all of the details he’d seen the problem right away. Daniela was purely a software developer, never having played around with hardware, but Thomas had come from a hardware background and understood how different display technology worked. She’d been testing on the LCD screens of her laptop and desktop that relied on back lighting to produce their brightness.

That would never work with her system, OLED on the other hand… well that was a perfect match for it. Of course the most common OLED screens were in phones and so he’d taken her code and added it to a mobile app he had been working, and the entire team had been testing, including Daniela.

A week later she as begging him to suck his cock, telling him she was his, to do whatever he wanted with her. And, well, that’s exactly what he did.

Sure, he fucked her six ways to Sunday, but he’d also had her quit her job, move in to his place, and start working on a standalone version of the app.

After all, why should he do all that work when he quite literally had a brilliant developer at his beck and call?