A hands on kind of leader...

Tuesday June 01, 2021

Monica sat staring straight ahead at the two men that were standing in front of her, her face unmoving as she held her hands on top of her crossed legs.

It had been six months since the chip had been implanted in her head, sort of against her will, if that made any sense. She had signed the papers to undergo the procedure and it wasn’t like they’d held a gun to her head, but it also wasn’t like she had any other real choice.

The divorce had cost her everything, even though she’d been so sure that she’d take Todd for everything, having photographic proof of his cheating no her.

What she hadn’t counted on was the skill and expertise of the hacker he’d hired to alter them so that it appeared they were forgeries. And to top it off, the hacker had created photo’s of her cheating on him! They were fake, but she’d been unable to prove it and with her own credibility down the tubes as far as the court was concerned, she lost and lost big.

In the end she’d ended up paying Todd alimony, and court fees, and fines (for the fake fraudulent photos and lying to the court). She even didn’t have enough left at the end to pay her own lawyers and was so far in debt that it would be only a matter of weeks before she was evicted from the condo she had been renting.

She’d tried to find someone to support her, not a sugar daddy of course, that was too low class for her, but a new man that would pay off her debts. Unfortunately her reputation outside the court was just as much in tatters and no one wanted to be seen with her. She had tried to call in favours from old friends but even they abandoned her.

In the end she had two choices; get a job, or enroll in the program.

She had no skills to get a job with, she’d been pampered since she was a teenager and always had gotten what she wanted. So, after the eviction and what little money she had left was running low, she did what she had to and paid a visit to the program.

It was a private enterprise, setup by some of the richest people in the world to “help” those less fortunate find a better life. It guaranteed a stable, comfortable life for anyone who enrolled in it, at the cost of their free will.

It had been quite controversial when it had first come to the publics attention, many claiming it was slavery. With a brilliant PR campaign and several technicalities, it had eventually just become part of the culture.

The first month had been spent getting ready for her the implantation, mapping her mind with advanced scanners, and creating the implant.

When she had awoken from the procedure it had felt so strange. She could feel the implant in her mind, like a foreign body invading her, and even fought against it for the first few days. She learned quickly there was no use though, it wasn’t like some niggling thought in the back of her mind that she could push aside. When the implant was activated, it was like an uncontrollable compulsion, every fiber of her being needing to do what the implant wanted.

It wasn’t long before they got to work on both her body and mind. It wasn’t like she hadn’t known what her fate would likely be, it was well known that young, attractive men and women who enrolled in the program were often “sold” to the highest bidder as gigolos and mistresses. What she had been surprised at was how hard it would be.

It wasn’t good enough to be thin and pretty, you had to get to and maintain your perfect weight and look. Hours each day in the gym, eating nothing but the ideal diet, hours learning how to walk, and talk, and sit, and smile, and everything else. The implant compelling her to accomplish each task to the best of her ability.

After a few weeks the new behaviours had become so ingrained that she never even contemplated walking without swaying her hips, standing without pushing our her chest, speaking before being spoken to.

it was near the end of the second month that things had changed though. A change from generalized lessons and workout to more specific ones. She knew this meant that a client had selected her and that she would now be trained to be his perfect mistress or whatever he wanted her to be.

It was also when her second round of surgery and happened. The most obvious of which were the two large implants that were now sitting on her chest. When she’d woken up to them it had been so strange, the feeling of the weight of them was unfamiliar. It distracted her for a few minutes from the other changes they had made.

Things like her now puffy lips, the fact that at rest her lips remained slightly open, her eyes that seemed wider, the bump on her nose that was no longer there, the fact that it was harder to make any kind of expression with her face.

After a few days of recovery, she was back to her normal schedule though, with a whole new slate of topics to learn.

The sound of an angry voice brought her out of her memories and back to the moment, one of the men with a scowl on his face speaking to the other. Her eyes focusing on the man for the first time a slight shiver ran down her spine, it was Todd.

“Why isn’t she ready yet!” Todd almost yelled at the other man.

“As I was saying Mr. Drummer, some of your requests have been harder to fulfill than expected without compromising quality and so there have been some delays. And as you know, we prioritize quality over speed here, which was laid out in the contract you signed. We will deliver what you request, but it is going to take just a little bit longer than we first estimated.”

Todd shook his head, “Well, you’d better get her tits right at least…” he said, waving his hand at her chest.

“Of course Mr. Drummer. It’s what had caused the most delay, we couldn’t go as large as we had first thought with the implants so we’re going to have to do a second surgery on them.”

Todd gave a grunt as the other man continued, “She’s scheduled for next week, then two weeks of recovery and final preparation.”

“Well… have you at least been able to get her head in the right place for me?”

“Of course sir. Would you like to see for yourself?” the man said and waved in her general direction.

Todd nodded and then turned to look at her, “What’s your name?”

She instantly responded, “Monica Dumbdumb, Sir.”

A wicked smiled cross Todd’s lips, “And what are you?”

“I’m your personal fuck toy Sir. I’ve been trained to provide you with pleasure, using my lips, tits, pussy and ass.”

“And who am I?”

“Oh, you’re the most important person in my world Sir. I’ll do anything to ensure your pleasure and happiness.”

Those words had been hard for her to say at the beginning, but they flowed easily from her lips now. Thousands of repetitions of them with the implant compelling her had long ago erased any thought of them not being true.

Todd turned back the other man and nodded, “Alright, I guess I can wait a few more weeks. Not any more delays after that!” he almost shouted and wagged his finger at the man.

“Of course not sir.” the other man replied and the two of them turned to walk back towards the door behind them.

“Oh, by the way sir, how as your temporary unit been working out?”

Todd grunted again, “She alright, I kinda like the way she squeals when I fuck her in the ass.”

“Yes, that’s a standard feature, but very popular as well. The temporary unit is of course just the standard training, I assure you that Monica will provide you with a much better experience when she’s delivered.”

Their voices faded as the door closed behind them and Monica remained seated, left to wonder how much larger her breasts would be before she was delivered to Todd.

If the “training” videos that they had been showing her were any indicated, at least as large as her head. Her pussy twitched at the thought of Todd’s cock sliding between the enormous tits that she would soon have, his cum spraying across her face, and the orgasm that the implant had been training her to have that would follow.

She couldn’t wait for the stable, comfortable life the program had guaranteed her as Todd’s personal fuck toy.

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