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Friday July 16, 2021

The Contract is a universe in which you can submit yourself to a contract between yourself and one other person, that allow the other person to manipulate thier minds and bodies under strick regulation. Young women often use this as a way to gain financial independence while providing arm candy and sexual playthings for older men.

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“Ugh… my head hurts… what’s going on…” Victoria said as she rubbed the side of her head.

The fog that seemed to cloud her mind was clearing but it still hung heavy enough for her to not understand what was going on.

“Victoria, can you hear me?” a mans voice asked.

“Yeah, don’t shout so loudly though…” she replied in an almost whisper.

She closed her eyes for a moment and brought her other hand up to the other side of her head and held it firmly between them for a moment as she titled it forward.

When she opened her eyes again she gasped.

“What the fuck!” she exclaimed, looked at the two large round breasts that were attached to her chest.

“Calm down Victoria, everything is alright. What is the last thing you remember?”

“Everything is fucking not alright! Look at these things! What have you done to me!” she screamed and winched at the volume of her own voice.

“I haven’t done anything to you, just focus, what is the last thing you remember.”

Decided she wasn’t getting an answer from him she tried to push back the lingering fog until a memory popped in to her head, “The… the… contact… I was signing the contract.”

“That’s right. The contract. What was it for?”

It was like the sun suddenly turn on and the fog vanished in an instant, “Oh fuck… it’s been a year already?” she asked.

“Good! Yes, you’re coming out from under the contract now.”

She nodded and then took inventory of herself. It wasn’t just her breasts that were new and improved, it was most of her body. She’d never been fat, but now she could see the faint outline of her abs! Her fingers reached up to her face and she could feel new puffy lips and her hair was much longer than it had been.

“How… how bad is it?” she asked.

“Not bad at all, no contract breaches, your identity and anonymity are still intact.” the voice replied.

“Good.” she said in relief, “Ah, do you have anything I could put on?”

“I do… but before we get to that the client has requested a contract extension if you’re interested…”

She raised an eyebrow, the year long contract had been for $500k and basically made her into the perfect mistress for some well off businessman. It was more than enough to get her out of debt from school and her mother’s illness and even have enough left over for a down payment on a house.

She’d been approached by a lawyer with the outlandish contract, she’d not believed him at first. But after an offer of $10K just to come and see the technology, she couldn’t say no. What she saw had convinced her completely that the technology could do exactly what the contract said could and the wheels in her head started turning.

She’d only had to think it over for a day or two before calling the lawyer back and getting down to brass tacks. The contract was very detailed and contained everything that would be expected of her as a mistress, down to even what sex acts were allowed. Anything not specified in the contract was prohibited. There were large penalties for breaking any of the provisions of the contract on both sides.

In the end she’d signed the contract and undergone the procedure to block her mind and insert a temporary personality, she would have no memories of the time once the block was removed.

Victoria stepped away from the wall she was standing in front of, the large device in front of her that had removed the block sat silent, but beside it was a table where the man was sitting, who she now recognized as the lawyer she had worked with before. She pulled out the empty chair and sat down across from him.

“What kind of… extension?” she asked.

“Ah, well, the client would like some modifications to the contract. It seems that while your privacy was protected, he was not so careful with some of the other women he had on the side. His wife left him three months ago. Not to worry about any… health concerns, all parties involved have been thoroughly tested, yourself included.”

She frowned a little, “So he’s looking for a more public relationship?”

“Yes. Among other things…”

Her eyebrow raised again, “Such as…”

The lawyer cleared his throat, “Well, for example…” he said, waving a pen in the general direction of her chest.

“He wants to go larger?” she said, it had been one of the sticking points of the initial contract. She’d always liked her reasonably sized chest but the contract stipulated implants.

The lawyer took a single sheet of paper from the top of the stack in front of him and passed it over. She quickly read over it, it was an itemized list of changes he was looking for.

Most were obvious and liked to the new public aspect of the contract. A few followed along the lines of the enhancements he was looking for her body, and there were several sexual related ones as well. The one that stuck out the most was at the bottom though.

“Five years?!?” she exclaimed.

The lawyer winched a little at her response, “Ah, well, yes.”

She let out a huff and tossed the paper on the desk, “He’s got to be crazy… or delusional!” she replied.

“No, I assure you he’s neither of those…” the lawyer responded and pushed another sheet of paper over to her.

Her eyes bulged at the financial summary page, “That’s a shit load of money…” she said at let out a whistle.

“First off, I need something to cover up with. Then I’m going to need a couple of days to go over everything.”

“Of course, of course.” the lawyer replied and pushed a plain brown packaged across the desk to her. She quickly opened it to see a change of clothes inside.

“I have also arranged for a hotel room for you until you’ve made you decision.”

“Thank you.” she said and stood up, grabbing the package.

“There’s a bathroom just down the hallway to your left.” the lawyer said and she nodded.

“Oh, one more thing… is there any message you want me to give the client?”

She smiled and looked down at her body then back up at the lawyer, “Yeah, assuming I don’t find anything wrong with the contract, you can tell him I’d better be just as good of shape in five years from now as I am now or there will be hell to pay.”

The lawyer smiled and nodded, “I’ll pass that along.”

Victoria walked out of the room and headed to the bathroom, there were only two things on her mind at the moment. First, what she was ever going to do with that much money when the next contract was done, and second exactly how good even bigger tits were going to feel. Because her nipples had been hard since the moment she recovered from the block and she couldn’t wait to get to hotel to find out just how good her new tits felt.

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