Abigail held the pose, flexing her muscles as the photographer snapped one photo after the next. After a few moments she shifted, turned to the right little and gave her arm a flex in front of her as she smiled.

She was so happy to finally have gotten a photoshoot after working on her body for so long at the gym. Most managers wouldn’t touch her for looking to “masculan”, but Roger hadn’t been put off by that at all and instead was eager to take her on as a client.

Two years ago, she’d just been another average girl working in LA while trying to get her “big break” in Hollywood. It was only after yet another disasterous audition that she’d broken down and finally found the courage to change her life.

At the time she hadn’t know how much of a change that would be, but fourty pounds of pure muscle later and she couldn’t be happier.

Abigail held out her pony tail and smiled, it had gotten quite a bit longer in the last six months, which was more than she could say for her muscles. She’d been so busy on photoshoots that she just didn’t have time to be a gym rat these days.

It also didn’t hurt that as she lost muscle she got more and more offers for magazines and television as well. It wasn’t like she was a star or anything, but she was finally making a living off her looks instead of her hard work.

A frown crossed her lips as she wrinkled her forehead, wasn’t there something wrong with that thought?

Before she could think any further on the matter he phone chimed and she smiled again, the message was from Roger, “Just booked another photoshoot, this time in NY!”

She let out a little giggle wihtout really noticing and did a little dance in front of the mirror before quickly replying with a string of hearts.

God, her pussy was buzzing just at the thought of spending several days alone with Roger. Which was strange as Roger wasn’t her type in the slightest, but the more time she spent with him, the more that was changing.

“Like, you really think so Roger? *giggle*” Abigail said and then clasped her hands behind her back, lowered her head just a little and blushed as she rotated her upper body from side to side a little.

“Absolutly Abi, you look super cute in that outfit! I could just eat you up…” he replied with a wolfish grin and Abigail’s knees almost came out from beneath her. Instead she took a step or two forward until she was right up against Rogers chest, her hands balled up in front of her as she leaned on to him and smiled.

“Mmmm… I’d really like that Roger…” she said and then pushed herself up a little so her lips made contact with his and she closed her eyes, her one leg raising up from the ground as Roger reached around and grabbed her ass.

It wasn’t long before they were back in Roger’s room, the outfit long disgarded, Abigail on her back crying out for Roger to fuck her harder.

Abi pulled down at her skirt as it rode up her ass a little and then turned and walked in to the living room where Roger was waiting for her. She smiled and giggled and then spun around once before coming to a halt and posing for him.

“Like, I tottally love it Rogy!” she squealed and the wiggled her as over to where he was seated on the couch and plopped herself on to his lap. She folded her hands in her own lap and then pushed her chest out and wiggled it from side to side a little.

She’d moved in to Rogers house after they had returned from NY, and while her modeling career seemed to have been put on hold, she couldn’t really complain as all she really was interested in lately was Roger’s attention.

“Like, Rogy, I’ve been such a baaaadddd little girl…” she said as she pouted and looked down at her hands.

She didn’t see the smile she knew crossed his lips, at least not until she felt his finger under her chin and lifting her head towards his own.

“Oh? Tell me all about it Abiko…”

“Oh my god, like, I’ve had such dirty thoughts… like how much I tottally want to suck your cock. Or how, like, good your cock would feel in my pussy…”

He hand slipped between her legs and she spread them slightly so he could get all the way up to her pussy, “

Please Rogy, Abiko needs your cock sooooooo badly…”

Abiko walked out of Roger’s house and towards the car where he was waiting. God she was horny, like she was any time she had just returned from the salon. Today it had been a total makeover and she couldn’t be happier with how it had turned out. Which of course was because of the look of hunger in Roger’s eyes when she arrived home.

Perhaps, if she was lucky, he’d let her suck his dick on the way to… well, whereever then were going. She didn’t ask silly questions like that, there was no need. As long as Roger was there, that was all that was important.

Even if he didn’t let her suck him off in the car, maybe she’d be able to convince him to fuck her whereever they were headed… or on the way back… or when the arrived home… all she knew was that she was getting his cock stuff inside of her one way or the other tonight, the details didn’t really matter to her.

She stopped for a moment and smoothed her dress down over her ass, a smile crossing her lips, it was coming along really well. She’d just started back at the gym, focusing on her butt, and she was already see improvements.

Which was good, as Roger had taken a keen intrest in her ass lately, which she gleefully encouraged.