“Really? This is what you wished for?” Tammy said, cocking her hip to the side and pulling at her long blonde hair a little.

She knew Tommy was a little on the slow side, but she didn’t know he was this slow. A genie grants you three wishes and you waste one on making your girlfriend a hot blonde?

She let out a tsk and just shook her head in disbelief. Not at the wish or the genie, those were obviously both true. Not half a hour ago she was an average looking brunette that preferred comfortable outfits. Now she had the body of a supermodel, the tits of a porn star, and the makeup and fashion sense of a pron star.

There was no doubt in her mind there was something magical going on, so when Tommy rushed through her front door and nearly jumped for joy when he saw her, well, the whole genie thing kinda made sense.

“Yeah babe, I mean look at you now!”

“Fine, yeah I’m hot, but it was a wish! You could have asked for anything… like the ability to make any woman a hot blonde!”

“Damn, that’s a good one.” he simply replied.

“Ok, ok. No big deal, you still have two more right?”

The sheepish look on his face told her everything she needed to know.

“God, don’t tell me you have already used up all three!”

He simply nodded in response.

“I’m going to regret this… but what was your second wish?”

Tommy smiled and before she knew it his pants were hitting the floor. As soon as his dick sprung from its confine her eyes widened.

“Holy fuck!” she exclaimed as she sunk down to her knees and crawled over to Tommy’s dick and wrapped around it with her lips.

“Fuck, it worked!” he said and she slipped down farther and farther on to his stiffening member.

She wasn’t surprised by it’s size or anything, it was the same as it had always been as far as she could tell, but as soon as she’d seen it there was a compulsion in her mind to suck it. One that she couldn’t resist and so she’d done exactly that.

As she continued to bob up and down his member, she knew his second wish had been wasted too. Some variation on the “Any girl that sees my dick has to suck it” trope was sure to have been the wish.

She continued to suck his dick for what seemed like hours, and certainly far longer than Tommy had ever lasted before. When he finally came and filled her throat with his come, the only thought she had was she hoped his longevity was part of his second wish somehow.

Deep down she knew it wasn’t though, and that he had wasted the third wish as well.