Sabrina looked over at the camera and the lights went off, capturing another photo of her unconventional style. To say that it had been hell breaking in to the modelling industry would quite literally be true for her, she’d signed the pact with the Devil just three months ago.

She had been a struggling model for almost a year in LA when the well dress man had approached her in a club. She’d almost scoffed at him when he had, older and well dress, he was good enough looking, but not her type at all. She’d reconsidered when she’d looked in to his eyes, the dark simmering heat behind them had given her pause and she’d actually listened to what he had to say.

His offer was simple, success in her modelling career for her soul.

She would laughed when he’d said it out loud, but there was something in the tone of his voice that sent a shiver down her spine and she knew he was serious.

The words had rolled around in her mind for a few seconds before she’d nodded her head an he’d led her from the club to his waiting limo. It whisked them downtown to an office building and the underground parking to a private elevator that took them right to the top and the offices of Bringer and Lightmen, Attorneys at Law.

Even with the whirlwind of events, she had the presence of mind to read over the contract they placed in front of her; it was only a few pages long and boiled down to a trade, her soul for 5 years of successful modelling.

She’d signed it, and then the Devil had counter signed it, both signatures flashing brightly for just a second after he had and she felt a lightness come over her, like a great weight had been taken from her shoulders after carrying it for a long time.

The lights flashed again and she changed poses, her career had rocketed out of control after signing the pact. Offers had come in from modelling agencies from all over the world and she’d already travelled to the four corners for shows since then.

And even after all this time, the lightness remained as she grew more and more famous with each passing week.

Sabrina snapped the selfie and promptly posted it to her social media accounts, “Hey everyone, your baby girl’s boot are made for walking… not! lol!”

She spread her legs, showing off her bare pussy and snapped another picture, that would be going to her *over* social media account later that night.

Getting up and pulling her dress down to cover herself once more, she flipped over to her e-mail and scrolled through the offers. They poured in every day, the biggest brands and companies in the world wanting to sponsor posts.

And why not? She was the most famous model on the planet, with millions of followers across all of her social media. It was so much easier now that she’d smarted up.

She’d worked hard for months after signing the pact with the Devil, far harder than she would have ever imagined really. It was only after she passed a million followers on her main social media account that she realized she’d been going at it all wrong. Why should she chase after modeling jobs when there were millions of people wanting to chase after her?

Sure, there had been some adjustments she’d had to make. She’d toned down her unique style, going for more mainstream stuff, but she still managed to get a few things in like her current set of boots that really stood out.

Now, two years later, she made more money in a day of posting than she ever dreamed of before the pact.

A message came in on her phone, today’s suitor was downstairs. They were heading out for an expensive dinner date, but really the only thing she was interested in was how good he was in bed.

Sabrina sat at the large conference room table at Bringer and Lightmen, it had been five years since the last time she had been here, and she should have been concerned. But for some reason, she was calm and relaxed.

It had been a good run, the Devil had delivered everything he said he would and more.

She had received the call from them earlier that week, she’d been expecting something to happen on the fifth anniversary, but a meeting with lawyers seemed anticlimactic somehow.

The lawyer across from her pushed a single sheet of paper towards her, a pen resting on top of it, “If you would sign this please.” he said, matter of factly.

She took the pen in her fingers and then read over the paper. It was just a simple agreement that all terms of her pact were fulfilled and that she had no outstanding claims. She signed it and pushed it back towards him.

He picked it up and filed it away in a folder before standing up, “If you would come with me.” he intoned and walked towards the door.

She saw no reason not to follow and so did so. He lead her down the hallway and in to another identical looking room. The only difference was that there were three men standing in it already.

She recognized the Devil right away and thought she recognized another one of the lawyers sitting at the table. The third man was unfamiliar with her.

“Holy shit! It’s really her!” he blurted out, “Sorry… sorry, I shouldn’t have said the H world.” he quickly apologized to the Devil.

The man looked down at a small stack of papers in front of him and Sabrina instantly knew what was happening, the Devil was purchasing another soul.

She smiled and opened her lips to encourage the man to sign it, to assure him the Devil was as good as his word, but it wasn’t needed as the man bent over and picked up the pen, scribing his name across it and pushing it over towards the Devil.

A moment later the familiar flash of light came from the paper as the Devil sealed the deal and the man looked excitedly over towards her. He quickly walked around the conference table, wrapped and arm around her waist and pulled her close, kissing her on the lips.

She wanted to push him away, but instead her tongue darted in to his mouth and she let out a little moan.

“Thomas, why don’t you take our latest client out to the lobby. I need a few words alone with Miss Sabrina.” the Devil said and the lawyer standing beside Sabrina guided the man from the room and closed the door behind them.

The Devil, a wide grin on his lips stood up and walked over to Sabrina, still confused she didn’t know what was happening or what to do. He leaned in and spoke gently in to her ear.

“Normally your soul would make it impossible for me to control you, the gift of free will by… well you know who, and all. But I own your soul now, fair and square, and that is no longer an impediment.”

Sabrina wanted to run away, to scream, to do anything, but instead she stood still, not moving.

“That young man has just signed his soul away to possess you. And now he does. You belong to him, to do whatever he wants, to make him happy.”

Sabrina felt her whole body shake as his power washed over her.

“*giggle* Like, hi guys!” Sabrina said as she pulled her hair away from her shoulders and then let it call back down again.

“I’m soooooo glad you could all join the stream today! It’s totally going to be amazing!” she said as she jiggled her tits and then took a step forward as the camera tracked her as she moved towards the bed.

She bend down on to the bed and then pulled her legs up under her, raising her ass in the air and she gave it a wiggle as she did so.

“Jake, like, totally wants you all to know how excited for today I am! *giggle*”

Sabrina reached back and pulled up her skirt over her hips, revealing her bare pussy and ass. She reached back and gave her ass a slap and then reached up under herself and spread her pussy lips.

“Mmmm… my pussy is so wet! But, like, you guys didn’t come to see my pussy get fucked again, right? *giggle*” she said and then reached around and slowly traced around her sphincter.

“You guys, are gonna cum for this right? Come on Jake, they’re totally waiting!”

Jake set the camera down, the tripod steadying it on the ground as he did and then stepped part way in to frame, his hand reaching out and grabbing Sabrina’s ass. Raising his hand he let it fall down and slap her ass several times.

“Oh god Jake! Spank that ass!”

Sabrina giggled as he did and wondered how many people were on the stream. Jake never told her anymore, but she knew she was still the most famous model in the world. It was just that she was now famous for being a complete whore, fucking and sucking anyone that Jake told her to all the while filming her exploits.

It had been this way for the last two years, but today was going to be special. She looked over at the computer screen just as she felt the tip of Jake’s cock press up against her sphincter, and could just make out the title of the stream: Sabrina’s fist, but not last, anal pounding.

Her whole body shivered as he pressed in to her and she cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

She knew there were at least three more years of belonging to Jake, but she didn’t quite know how she felt about that. On one hand, the constant humiliating and degrading sex was a constant. On the other hand, what would the Devil do with her after Jake’s pact was up and he owned Jake’s soul?

She felt Jake’s abdomen press in to her ass and she cried out, “Oh god baby! Fuck my bimbo slut ass!”

The thought was gone as fast as it had come, as it often was, but in the back of her mind she suspected whatever the Devil had planned for her, it was going to be much worse than Jake’s dick in her ass.