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Saturday September 11, 2021

Wish for Porn High is a series of captions in which Dean has used one of his three wishes to “be the principle at a porn parody version of his high school”.

The first post in this series is here. All stories in the serires tagged here.

Note, all characters depeicted are over 18. The wish made all the students into adults, as all porn parody actresses are adults in these films.

Part 1 * Part 2

“Hi Miss Gozongas!” Rachael said as her favorite teacher entered the hall.

“Well hello Rachael, how are you today?” the busty teacher replied.

“I’m great! Ask me why!” Rachael replied and Miss Gozongas smiled, knowing full well the answer but letting the girl have her moment.

“And why are you doing great Rachael?” she replied, turning a little from side to side and placing her finger on the corner of her lips.

“Because I’m going to miss a whole week of school next week while I recover!”

Miss Gozongas fainted surprise, “That’s amazing Rachael! I can’t wait to see you when you get back!” she said and walked over and gave the girl a hug between her tits.

“Thanks Miss Gozongas, I can’t wait to be seen!”

Rachael looked in the mirror and felt a chill of excitement run over her entire body, but especially her tits.

She’d always been so self conscious of her tits that she’d never worn anything before like the light green top that exposed her new cleavage. Mind you she hadn’t ever done her hair up like this before either, so it wasn’t the only thing that was different.

She smiled as best she could, the injects in her lips made it hard, but they gave her the perfect pout all the time and she just couldn’t help put put on a nice glossy lipstick to make them stand out even more. She was thrilled at the work the surgeon had done on her nose as well, and the cheek implants really gave a much more angular look to her face.

But her eyes just couldn’t leave her tits for very long and they returned to them as she gave them a giggle from side to side.

They weren’t as big as Miss Gozongas, but her doctor assured her she could come back in six months or so for a new set of implants once her skin had time to stretch out properly.

Her hands cupped her tits and gave them a squeeze as she let out a little moan from the feeling, it was better than she had ever dreamed!

She took her hands off of them and then checked out the rest of her outfit one last time. The tight little black skirt showed off her ass, the black stilettos helped with that as well.

Satisfied she wasn’t breaking the school dress code, she picked up her small purse and headed downstairs to catch the bus to school.

As soon as Rachael arrived at school she headed straight for Miss Gozongas class and walked right through the open door only to stop dead in her tracks.

She had expected to find Miss Gozongas preparing for the day, but instead her favorite teacher was instead talking to Principal Hardcock standing across the desk from her. Rachael was suddenly unsure if she should interrupt them.

Fortunately for her the choice was taken out of her hands when Miss Gozongas caught sight of her and smiled at her, “Oh Rachael, please come in.” she said and waved her over to the two of them.

Rachael quickly made her way over to them and stood at the side of Miss Gozongas desk, clasping her hands behind her back, sticking her chest out and rocking from side to side.

“Hi Principal Hardcock, Miss Gozongas!” Rachael said.

“Hello Rachael.” Principal Hardcock replied.

“Hello Rachael, let me get a better look at you my dear.” Miss Gozongas said and stepped up to Rachael and took her by the shoulders, turning her from side to side and inspecting her face and tits.

“Oh my Principal Hardcock, hasn’t Rachael come so far? She’s my best student to be sure.”

A shiver ran through Rachael at the complement and her nipples hardened, becoming clearly visible through her top.

“I must agree. Why I can remember when these…” Principal Hardcock said as he reached out and grabbed Rachael’s tits, “Were barely visible.”

“Oh god Principal Hardcock… thank you.. god… don’t stop… moan” Rachael replied and Principal Hardcock continued to massage her tits.

“Oh yes Principal Hardcock, why I think I’ll be able to use Rachael in my classroom demonstrations of what real tits look like from now on. Won’t that be great Rachael?” Miss Gozongas asked.

“Yes Miss Gozongas, that will be amazing! moan” Rachael replied and closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as Principal Hardcock continued playing with her tits.

“Though, I have to congratulate you on those cock sucking lips you went with. Perhaps I could use you to demonstrate proper cock sucking technique as well… that is if you can prove you have it of course.”

Rachael gasped, not just from Principal Hardcock’s hands leaving her tits, but at the possibility of doing more than just showing off her tits to the class for her favorite teacher.

“I do! I do! Let me show you!” Rachael exclaimed and instantly dropped to her knees, her fingers working Principal Hardcock’s zipper and pants until his cock sprung free and her lips instantly wrapped around it.

She eagerly sucked him all the way in to her mouth and then moved up and down his shaft, her new lips working at the perfect pillows to cradle his cock between.

Miss Gozongas, not wanting to be left out, undid her top and placed Rachael’s head between them, moving back and forth with her until Principal Hardcock was obviously at the end of his resistance and Rachael pulled back, taking hold of his cock with her hands and pumping it furiously.

“Come on Principal Hardcock, cum all over my big fake tits!” Rachael cried out just as the first stream of cum emerged from the tip of Principal Hardcock’s dick. The instant it hit Rachael’s tits, her whole body shook as her first orgasm crested and she knew Miss Gozongas was happy with her performance by the way she was rubbing her tits on each side of Rachael’s head.

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