“Like, oh my god baby, look at how much money I made! giggle” Crystal said as she waved the stack of hundred dollar bills in front of her.

“That’s great babe, you keep doing better and better each night.” I replied.

giggle Thanks, but like it’s all totally because of you!” she said and swayed her hips as she walked over to me on the couch and sat on my lap as she lined up all the bills and handed them to me.

“Like, Mr. Bentle have me $1000 just to fuck my ass! And I never would have been able to take his cock in my ass if you hadn’t been stretching it every night of the last two weeks! giggle

“Well, that is true I guess. Its a good thing you didn’t try and stop me when I pushed in that first night then isn’t it?”

“Mmmm… baby, you know you can fuck my body any way you want to giggle” she said as she flicked her hair over her shoulder and then leaned in and kissed me, our tongues intertwining as she did.

I broke it off with a slap of her ass and she let out a little squeal.

“You know I was texting with Mr. Evans and he’s offered to pay for another round of lip injections… and up his weekly payment to $500 to fuck your face.”

She wiggled her ass on my lap and then moaned a little as she puckered up her lips, “Like, god, that would be sooooo amazing!”

“And Mr. Unzo has made it clear it’s time to upgrade those tits so they’re bigger than your head. Fully paid for by him of course.”

She giggled and leaned in, pushing her tits in to my face, “Like, then I’ll be the best titty fuck in town!”

“Fuck yeah you will.” I said as she pulled back and I smiled at her beaming face.

I reached up and placed my index finger on the central gem of her choker and it instantly recognized my fingerprint. Crystal’s eyes went wide along with her mouth for a moment and then her whole body slumped a bit.

“Status?” I asked.

“Current status, standby mode, awaiting instructions.”

“Personality status?”

“Primary personality; Crystal Whore, 100% implemented, active. Secondary personality; April Slut, 100% implemented, inactive. Tertiary personality; Barbie Doll, 80% implemented, inactive. Original personality; Christine Westbrook, 70% erased, inactive.”

It had been a shame to have to start erasing Christine, but there was only so much room in a mind to host personalities, even if they were simple ones like those I’d implemented. It was a good thing that I didn’t need Christine any more, she’d long ago signed over her power of attorney to me and removed herself from her previous life.

Though, I did have a backup of her on my main computer if I ever needed it, but I doubted he would. Crystal was much more useful to me now, at the rate she was earning cash I’d have enough to complete my work and solve the few outstanding issues with the collar that were still outstanding.

I hadn’t yet decided what I’d do with the technology once I had, it seemed wrong to sell it somehow, but I was thinking of a few other options. For example Crystal had met a few friends in “the industry” over the last few months, and having a stable of whore’s to earn me cash seemed like a reasonable plan, at least for the immediate future.

I reached up and touched the gem again and Crystal’s eyes fluttered and then she smiled and giggled. She placed her finger on my chest and slowly drew it down as she bit her lower lip, “So, like, are ya gonna fuck my ass again tonight? You know, cause I need all the help I can get… giggle

I let out a chuckle and squeezed her ass firmly, “Sure Crystal, and who knows, maybe if you squeal well enough and beg me nicely, I’ll even fuck your pussy.”

“OH MY GOD, REALLY! squeal Like, I’m the luckiest whore in town!” she said and pushed back off my lap and stood up, grabbing my hand and almost dragging me to the bedroom.

I just smiled and watched her ass wiggle as she walked in front of me and knew she’d do everything she could to make it happen.