“Holy fuck… is that really her?” Ben exclaimed as they walked around the building to the graffiti covered back of it.

The scantily clad woman leaning against a discarded wooden form was soaking up the sun but opened her eyes and looked over at them when Ben spoke.

A smile cross her lips as she pushed her chest out and stood upright, cocking her hip to the side and placing her hand on it.

“Dame straight it is.” Gary replied and continued to walk towards her. Ben gapped at her for a moment before double timing it to catch back up with Gary.

“Hiya boys. Beautiful day isn’t it?” the woman said as they both arrived right in front of her.

“Hey Lexi, how are you today?” Gary asked.

“Better now that your here baby. You and your friend of course…” she replied and took a step in to Gary, laid an arm around his shoulders and then leaned in and kissed him. For his part Gary reached around and grabbed her ass and jiggled it.

It only lasted for a few seconds and she then stepped over to Ben and repeated the greeting with him. She similarly broke it off far too soon for Ben’s liking.

She took a step away from Ben so she was standing between the two of them and then reached down to their crotches and rubbed their hardening members.

“So boys, am I going to have fun with one or both of you today?”

Gary looked over at Ben and nodded, “Both.” Ben replied.

“Mmmm… I was hoping you’d say that.” she replied and grabbed a hold of Gary and pulled him around to the wooden form that she had been leaning against earlier and pushed him up against it.

“You look like you could you a blowjob…” she said and then bent over at the waist and her fingers made quick work of Gary’s pants.

Before she wrapped her lips around him, she reached back and pulled her panties down and wiggled her ass as she looked over her shoulder, “So I guess that means you get my tight little pussy.”

Ben wasted no time and only moments after she had sucked Ben in between her lips, his own pants hit the dirt and his dick was pushing up against her pussy.

It only took a few strokes to get everything in time with each other, Ben’s stroking of her pussy, her sucking of Gary’s dick. It continued for several minutes until the most amazing thing happened. Without warning she pulled her legs up to her abdomen, hovered in the air for a second, and then rotated 180 degrees without missing a beat, and remained floating in the air as the two men fucked her.

She extended her legs once more, but this time out the the sides, and then pulled her top down to expose her breasts. Gary reached down and grabbed both of them, squeezing them as hard as he could with little visible effect.

Ben could see the stress on Gary’s face and his friend pushed forward hard, driving deep in to her throat as he released in to her. Ben followed just seconds later.

Ben and Gary watched her fly up in to the air and away from the abandoned building, with smiles on their faces.

“Hey, uh, should we call somebody about this?” Ben asked.

Gary twisted his face in disgust, “What are you nuts? Anyway, who would we call? Hello, yes, we’d like to report the most powerful woman in the world is turning tricks out behind an abandoned building in the warehouse district…”

Ben winched a little, it was true, who would believe them.

“Besides which, no one has seen her in months, which means some supervillian has done this to her. Do you really want to get on the bad side of some supervillian for ruining his fun?”

“Yeah, I guess your right. So how often does she come here?”

“Every three days as far as I can tell. I’ve found another spot she hangs out at as well but it’s not as remote and she already has lots of ‘clients’ there. I figure, if we can keep this a secret, that I’ll take the next one, you can take the one after that, and we can double up on the third one. Sound good?”

“Yeah, sounds good to me.” Ben replied.


“Hey… one questions thought.” Ben said, “What was with the pink hair?”

“Pfft… no idea. And when she sucks cock like a vacuum I really don’t care.”

Ben chuckled and nodded, he was looking forward to finding out just how good of cock sucker she really was.