“You’re under arrest!” Officer Diana Thealgood said as she slapped a cuff on the man’s wrist. She didn’t have time to waste, there were dozens of other’s fleeing the scene so she just slapped the other cuff on the heavy wooden palate and rushed off to give chase.

It was too late unfortunately, the time she’d taken to detain the man had caused her to fall too far behind. When she did finally catch up to the other suspects, they were already in cuffs as other members of her squad had cut them off before they could get away. She smiled and turned to return to the man she had left behind inside.

The raid on the underground rave was going to be a feather in her cap, it was her own after hours work that had tracked down the ring leaders and figured out that they would be at this party, this night, and her Captain knew it.

“Captain, I’m going back in to retrieve a detainee. Over.” she said in to her radio.

“Copy that Office Thealgood. Paddy wagon is at the south entrance. And good work Office. Over.”

“Roger Captain. Over.”

When she arrived at the pile of pallets, her cuffs were dangling from the one she had secured them to. She turned back around, still holding on to the cuffs, just in time to see him standing a dozen feet away from her.

“Halt!” she managed to get out, but before she could let go of the cuffs and move towards him, something strange happened. Her body froze in place and she felt a whirlwind swirl around her.

When it passed, everything was different. Her bullet proof vest and shirt had morphed in to a see through negligee, her pants had changed in to stockings, her boots had turned in to heels, and they all covered a body that was nothing like she was accustomed to. Instead her small breasts were now large and round and fake, her waist was pinched in, her hips flared out, her lips plump and her hair long and lush.

“What the fuck!” she managed to get out as she realized her radio was now a phone and she was holding it to her ear.

Then, just as the whirlwind had manifested itself around her, another one manifested in her head and everything changed again.

“Uh hun… yeah… like ok.” Didi Feelgood said in to the phone and then hung up.

“So, like, he confirmed it. You’ve got me for three hours and, like, no holes are off limits. Sorry mister, but like, a girl can’t be too careful, ya know?”

“Oh, no problem Didi, I completely understand.”

Didi let the cuffs she was holding drop and then walked over to where her tiny purse was and put her phone away. She retrieved the keys to the cuffs and walked over and unlocked them from the palette and then returned the keys to her purse.

She then held them out in front of her with both hands, “So, like, do you want my hand cuffed in front or behind? Or… maybe, ya know, you could cuff my hands through the pallet?”

He smiled and stepped over to her, taking the cuffs from her and placing one of them on her wrist. Then he pulled her over to the pallet, threaded the cuffs through one of the slats and secured the other cuff to her other wrist. He then gripped her by the hips and pulled her back until she was far enough away from the pallet that she had to bend over at the waist to stop from dragging it from the wall.

Once he had her positioned just as he wanted her, her ran his hand over her ass and gave it a slap. He then grab a hold of her panties and pulled them down around her ankles.

It wasn’t long before his cock was sliding in and out of her ass and Didi’s was screaming at the top of her lungs for him to fuck her ass deeper, harder and faster.

None of the police officers milling about the building noticed a thing, and hours later when they had finally all left, Didi’s ass was raw as the man continued to fuck her just as she was begging him to.