Linda frowned a little as she turned to see Henry looking down the hallway at her… how had she gotten herself in to this position?

Well, ok, she knew how. It wasn’t like she had somehow forgotten putting on the outfit and walking out of the bedroom. That would have been a hard thing to do since she’d spent the last several months buying more and more elaborate latex costumes to wear.

No, the real question was how had she gone from a strong independent woman, fighting for the rights of women in divorce cases, to being Henry’s eager little sexual plaything?

It had seemed strange when he’d walked in to her law office and asked her to represent him in his divorce. She was a well known divorce lawyer in the city, but she only took female clients. At least she had until Henry.

There was something about him that she just couldn’t say no to. It only got worse the more time they spent together, which was a lot as his divorce was complex and his wife had hired an aggressive lawyer as well. The number of “client conferences” that were required just seemed to keep multiplying and multiplying.

At first they were in her office, then over dinner, than at his place, and finally in his bedroom. He quickly introduced her to new experiences, but it was the latex that had wormed it’s way in to her head. It wasn’t long after the first time she’d worn it that she had started to need to feel it against her skin more and more. To the point that within just a couple of weeks she was secretly wearing it under her normal clothing at work.

The sound of Henry’s footsteps approaching her brought her back to the moment and she quickly turned her head to face straight forward, raised her chin, pushed out her chest and waited.

His hands touched her ass first, then her tits and finally tugged on the collar ring around her neck. She tried as best as she could to stay silent, but a small moan escaped her lips none the less.

He walked around her once, inspecting every inch of her body and then stood in front of her, “Very good Linda, I approve.”

The compliment sent a shiver down her spin right in to her pussy, “Thank you Sir.” was her automatic response.

He turned and walked down the hallway and she followed along behind him, the sound of her heels echoing with each step she took. He walked through the living room and right to the kitchen, where on the table sat some papers and a pen.

She knew what they were, she’d prepared them herself, they were her contract to become his property.

The contract was very detailed, including things like her winding down of her firm, the living arrangements at his place, the ‘upgrades’ she was expected to make to her body and the time line for them, her daily schedule including exercise and other tasks, the transfer of all of her assets in to his name, as well as her ‘resale’ rights.

Just thinking about it caused a mix of emotions to come over her. On one hand, it represented everything she had fought agsint for her entire life. On the other, she desperately wanted to sign it.

“Are you ready?” he asked and her whole body shivered.

“Yes Sir.”

He then walked over to the pen and picked it up, flipping to one of the little stickies she had placed on the pages, and then signed his name. Repeating the process several times until he reached the end. He then set the pen down on top of the contract and stepped away.

She took a hesitant step forward and then another, until she was at the table and she could delay no longer. She bent over, took the pen in her latex covered hands and hovered over the first signature line. She tried as hard as she could to throw the pen away, but she knew it was fruitless in the end.

Just as fruitless as when she’d said she wouldn’t prepare the contract a week ago.

Just as fruitless as when she’d said wouldn’t wear latex.

Just as fruitless as when she’d said wouldn’t have sex with him.

Just as fruitless as when she’d said wouldn’t go to dinner with him.

Just as fruitless as when she’d said wouldn’t take his case.

The pen tip touched the paper and her whole body shivered with pleasure as she signed it.

Henry watched Linda sign the contract and he smiled. He liked these ones, strong and determined, they took more work to break than most, and that made for a bit of fun in his long existence.

Though, he had to admit his client wasn’t very happy with how much time he’d been playing with her. Henry could live with that though, it wasn’t like there were many options available to him, there were few others like Henry left and that made it a sellers market.

When she finished signing, she stood back upright and turned to face him. He could see it in her eyes, the docile look that he’d seen a thousand times before, she was done. There was no fight left in her.

He let out a slight sigh and managed a smile none the less. She had been fun while it lasted, and this did mean the client would stop pestering him once Henry gave him a firm delivery date.

Henry lifted his hand and reached out to the collar, snapping the leash on to the loop on the front of it and he watched Linda gasp as her eyes rolled back in to her head for a moment.

He was sure his client would enjoy that, at least for a little while. He doubted the client would keep her for more than a year, maybe two at tops. Revenge is seldom a good reason take ownership of a person and never lasts. In this case, it was mostly petty revenge in Henry’s opinion, so what if the client’s ex-wife got 10% more because Linda had found some dirt on him?

Henry just shook his head as he lead Linda back towards the bedroom, his client hadn’t lived as long as Henry had, and still had traces of humanity left he guessed. Either way, it mattered little to Henry, he’d been paid up front and the bonus of having fun while breaking Linda was just that… a bonus.

Speaking of bonuses, one last romp in the bedroom with Linda seemed like a good plan and he was quite sure Linda would agree.