It wasn’t often Cristine got a chance to contemplate her life, but his was one of them.

Don had gone inside the building and told her to wait her, so she’d sat down and let the warm sun relax her. Normally she’d have something to do, even if was simply checking her makeup, or thinking about what was next on her schedule, but at this moment, none of that filled her mind.

Instead her mind wandered to the past and all the changes that had happened to her since she met Don. They weren’t the kinds of changes she’d even imagined, they were in face against her very nature, or at least what her natured had been back then.

She’d been in medical school, studying to be a doctor so she could do some real good in the world. Her plan had been to spend at least three months a year in the poorest, most needy countries in the world doing good. Now, it just seemed like a long forgotten memory that resurfaced once in a while.

She’d been doing a shift at the University ER when he’d come in, a significant head trauma case and she’d instantly been intrigued by it. Not him of course, he was just another patient, nothing to interest her. When he’d started twitching and flailing on the bed though, the orderlies had to hold him down and secure him to avoid further injury.

He didn’t regain consciousness for several weeks, and she’d been following his case closely. She’d even taken his MRI scans home to study them after her shifts ended. None of the doctors thought he’d recover, but she though there was something interesting in the scans that might represent some hope.

She’d dropped in to check on him before her shift started one day to find him up and alert, several doctors in a circle around him asking questions rapid fire.

Cristine knew they would it be hours before they were done, so she went to get ready for her shift and made time every half hour or so to drop by and check to see if they were done yet.

When they had all finally left, she entered his room and had grabbed the chart at the end of his bed to read over the details. She could feel his eyes on her even though she hadn’t made eye contact yet. That was the first time she’d felt the ‘push’ against her mind.

Her eyes had opened wide and she looked up at him, only for the push to intensify and a little whimper escape her lips.

Then, as the pressure receded, she had an urge, and urge to put something in to her mouth. She smacked her lips a few times and then ran her tongue over them as she walked around to the side of his bed. She pulled the covers down and wrapped her lips around his hardening shaft and a sudden satisfaction came over her.

After that, he pushed so many thoughts and feeling in to her that she hardly knew which ones were her own and which were his.

Some of them were easier to tell apart than other, like her oral fixation, or her focus on her looks, or her devotion to him. Others were less so, like her fashion sense that had always been keen, how much she enjoyed him playing with her tits, or her drive to be better each and every day.

She heard his footsteps approaching behind her and she opened her eyes and smiled as she stood up and turned around. She smiled as Don approached and pushed her tits out.

The contemplation of her life started to fade, but not before she realized that while she wasn’t going to change the work as a doctor, being Don’s trophy wife wasn’t so bad even if she knew deep down that thought was most certainly one of Don’s.