Red Eye Flight is a series of captions about a mysterious stranger with the ability to warp reality and the adventures he gets into when he flies the very friendly skies.

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Olivia sat down in her seat and smoothed out her black pants then let out a contented sigh. Flying private was definitely the way to go these days, especially when the company was paying for it.

There was one other passenger that had already boarded when she has arrived and it looked like it would only be the two of them, along with the male flight attendant. She’d smiled a little when she’d seen the attendant, he was young, maybe 10 years younger than her making him in his mid twenties, and looked like he kept in shape.

It was a pretty significant change from the usual bimbos that worked the private flights, cratering to the mostly male travelers that used the service was certainly a good business move, but did exclude travelers like herself. She closed her eyes to relax just as she heard the door close and the pilot announce their departure.

They were in the air in no time and Olivia unbuckled her seatbelt and stretched out for the relatively short flight. It wasn’t long before she was bored though and she turned her attention to the other traveler that was on the flight. She’d always been a people watcher and now thinking back on it, it was strange that she hadn’t paid more attention to him when she boarded the flight.

She turned her head towards his seat, but found her line of sight blocked by the flight attendant. She gave a half smile and raised her eyebrow as she admired his ass. He definitively worked on that in the gym.

A moment later he stepped away and Olivia let out a gasp as she locked eyes with the man seated a few rows away. The burning red embers the held her tightly in their grip sent chills down her spin. She desperately tried to break the gaze between them, but her head simply refused to move, her eyes doing the same, and then she felt it.

It was like goosebumps all over her body as she felt her clothing start to shift and change. The arms of her simple white top retracting, her black pants pulling up her legs, her simple black shoes chasing the upwards, and then her top splitting in two. Moments later she felt lacing forming on her chest and along her calfs just as her short blonde hair started to trickle down her neck and on to her back.

Then, those glowing red eyes burned their way in to her mind and she gasped as they burned away who she had been.

“Excuse me Miss…” the flight attendant said as he stood just in front of Vai.

“Yes? What is it?” she asked as she raised her right leg and crossed it over her left.

“Well Miss, the gentleman at the back of the plane was wondering if you’d care to join him.”

She smiled, “I was wondering when he would ask.” she said as she stood up and walked back down the rows of seats until she arrived to where he was sitting.

She extended her hand and smiled, “Hello, I’m Vai.”

It was hard to tell if he smiled, a darkness seemed to surround him but she could definitely see him nod as he took her hand.

“I have to warn you, I’m a heavy drinker, and my favorite drink is cum. So I hope you have lots for me…” she said and then went down to her knees and crawled in between his lets to have that drink with him.

Vai stepped off the plane and smiled, flying private was definitely the way to go these days, especially when the company was paying for it and her.

She looked over to the private car that was waiting to take her to the CEO’s home where she’d be spending the weekend before the board meeting on Sunday night that was being held there.

The CEO needed to get a motion passed through the board and she would be spending the next three days ensuring the required votes were on his side. After the vote of course she have the rest of the night to entertain the CEO himself and she couldn’t wait to get a taste of her favorite drink from him once more.