One of the largest hurdles of the cold war bimbo programs was not, as you might expect, the technical challenges. Instead, most often, the issue was a target of the programs being in a long term relationship already.

Quite often, these targets could be lead astray, which increased the leverage the programs could bring to bear. If the target held fast though, there were still options available. The most common such option was to create friction between the target and the significant other, which would lead to opportunities to deploy a bimbo in a more traditional method.

However, a less common, but often far more successful tactic, was to subdue the significant other and use them as part of the control excreted on the target.

This tactic can be seen here in this photographic record of the American program. In it, the wife of a highly placed Japanese minister can clearly be seen having a very submissive role to the bimbo sent by the American’s.

Over the next few years, there are public records of the significant changes in the wife, both in her physical appearance and general demeanor.