Trish stood in the hallway of the court house and waited for the elevator to arrive. She’d done it many times in the past as a lawyer, just as she’d gone in front of a judge just as often.

Today was different though, she hadn’t practiced law in almost a year, having resigned from the bar almost nine months ago.

Today she’d be standing in front of the judge and explaining exactly why she was changing her name from Patricia Monroe Holland to Trish Swallows.

The reasoning was easy enough, she’d gone through it over and over again in her head so she’d be able to present it to the judge clearly and precisely.

She had gone by the name for the last six months that she’d been doing porn as her stage name. Her fame under the name was growing and she was no longer known to most of her friends and business acquaintances as another other than Trish Swallows. There were only a few people left that still called her Patricia, and she had been distancing herself from them over the last few weeks.

That was her argument to the judge, but it wasn’t the real reason. No, what it really came down to was that she no longer thought of herself as Patricia Monroe Holland, Patricia had disappeared the day she met Jay.

Jay had seemed weird from the moment she laid eyes on him sitting in a booth at the restaurant just around the corner from the court house. She wasn’t sure if it was something in his eyes, or the way he moved, or the fact the waitress was under the booth giving him a blowjob, but something just didn’t sit right for her.

When the waitress was finish, she had stood up and headed right over to find out what about him she didn’t like. Unfortunately, she hadn’t found out what it was, but she had found out all kinds of other things.

Things like how much of a slut she was, and how she loved to show it off, and how much she loved oral sex, especially swallowing.

That day her life had changed and she quickly became accustomed to her new life.

The elevator binged and the doors opened and a smiled crossed her lips as she looked in to see Jimmy Black standing inside. His eyes looked up and it took a second for him to recognize her but when he did his own smile broadened as well.

“Hey Patricia…” he said as she stepped in to the elevator and the doors closed behind her.

“Hey Jimmy.” she replied and stepped right up in to him, placing a hand on his chest.

Jimmy was an ambulance chaser, the lowest kind of lawyer, and a sleezeball to boot. He’d hit on her dozens of times at the court house with cheese, degrading pickup lines each time.

Trish’s pussy was moistening just at the thought of it.

“I… I saw you switched careers. I was quite impressed with your latest movie.” he replied as he reached around and grabbed her ass.

“Oh? Trish Swallows 4: Three cocks down and four more to go… Yeah, I really liked that one, I can’t wait for Trish Swallows 5. Maybe you’d like to have a preview?”


She smiled a wicked grin and then reached around behind her and hit the stop button before lowering herself in front of him.

Trish knew it wouldn’t take long to coax a load of cum from Jimmy, and she should still be on time for the judge, but even if she wasn’t, she was sure she could convince the judge to be lenient on her after a “conference” in his office.

She quickly checked her watch as her lips wrapped around Jimmy’s cock, she still had several hours before her really important appointment at the restaurant.

Every time she was in the area, she made sure to drop by the restaurant to spend some time there, hoping that perhaps one day that Jay would return. It was the greatest disappointment of her life, after telling her all about herself, Jay had just left, without letting her suck his cock and swallow his cum.

Perhaps though, he might return, or maybe if she became famous enough he would track her down. And that was the real reason to change her name today, because while she had learned his name by overhearing the waitress beg him to cum on her face, he had never asked for her name and she didn’t know if he could read her mind or not. Therefore, it was safest to make sure he would have no problem finding Trish Swallows and she was doing everything she could to make sure he did.