Sarah knelt down and felt her perfect ass touch her heels as her long hair settled on her lower back. Everything about her was perfect, or at least as perfect as she could make it.

That was the thing about living with a mind controller, someone who could twist her mind to whatever whim they had in an instant, it was always about perfection.

A perfect ass, a perfect hairstyle, a perfect waist, a perfect set of shoes, a perfect set of lips, a perfect smile.

In this case, it was a perfect pose that was on the menu for today and she knew he was watching her from the comfort of his chair in the living room.

“Lean a little more forward.” his voice said and she did so, her hair splitting to each side of her back.

“No, that’s no good, tilt your head back a little more.”

She did so and felt her hair lift from her back once more and come together.

“Yeah, that’s good.”

A shiver of pleasure coursed through her, a trigger he’d installed in her mind a long time ago, then she heard the video game start once more and she wondered how long she’d have to stay in the perfect pose for him.