Debbie reached up and pulled the hat from her head, placing it beside her as she let her long black hair call out of it and around her shoulders. She tossed her head from side to side a few times to tease it out and then let her hands fall back to her sides.

The text on the inside of her sunglasses flashed as she stared at it, “Wait for further commands.”

“As you can see, non-verbal commands are just as effective as verbal ones. There are several input methods available to you depending upon the requirements of the situation. Obviously during private moments, direct verbal commands are easiest, but during public outings you may want a more subtle interface to her. The glasses come in several fashionable styles and the projection of the commands can only be seen by her. You can use an app on your phone to send custom commands, or have prescripted ones available at the press of a button.”

Thomas nodded to the man speaking, the salesman who had sold him on the idea of “upgrading” his personal assistant and was now delivering her to him.

“And what if glasses are not… appropriate to the situation?” Thomas asked.

The salesman pulled out a small box from his pocket and flipped it open, “This is a simple ear piece, small enough to be hidden by her hair. You can use the same app to send text to voice messages, or speak directly to her through it, if for example she is across the room or something.”

“Stand up Debbie and get undressed.” Thomas said and Debbie quickly stood up, taking her glasses off and setting them down carefully before removing her bikini.

“As you can see, the physical upgrades went well. She was already in pretty good shape, but we’ve provided her a workout regiment that will ensure your preferences are maintained. The lips and breasts have come along well, though we couldn’t quite get them up to your full specification on the first surgery so she’ll have to be returned in six months or so for a second round.”

“Understandable, she was pretty flat before.” Thomas replied and stepped up to her, gripping one of her breasts in his hand and squeezing it before walking around behind her and doing the same with one of her ass cheeks.

“Anything else I should know?” Thomas asked the salesman.

“Nope, everything else is exactly as requested.”

“Good. Debbie, go get dressed, we’re leaving.”

Debbie turned and grabbed her things from the cot and then wiggled her ass away towards her room, still naked.

* * *

Thomas sat in his limo as they drove towards the city, Debbie nestled between his legs, her puffy lips wrapped around his dick as she bobbed up and down his length.

He ran his fingers in to her hair and pulled her up off his shaft, “So Debbie, how are you feeling?”

“Terrible!” she cried, “I’m going to be the laughing stock at the office! They already said that I was sleeping my way up the ladder, now they’re going to know they were right!”

“Ha ha ha ha… you should have thought of that before you threatened to go to the board on me because of a harmless little tap on the ass.”

“Harmless tap on the ass!!!! You grabbed my ass and said you wished the rest of me was as hot!”

He let go of her hair and she immediately dove back down on to his dick, “Well, looks like I’ve got my wish Debbie, but I’ll tell you what, I’ll make you a deal. We’re heading back to my place right now, where I’m going to fuck that big fat ass I’ve been lusting over since the day I hired you. I’m going to leave you in this mode, where you are eager to have sex with me, but you can say anything you want. If you can convince me that fucking your ass is the most pleasurable thing you’ve every done, then I won’t make you go back to the office.”

Debbie looked up at him, his dick filling her mouth, a mixture of hate and pleading in her eyes.

“Oh don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m going to let you go free or something. No, no, no. I’ll just keep you at home as my personal fuck toy instead of making you my work fuck toy. All you have to decide is if the humiliation of begging me to fuck your ass is worth the humiliation that you’ll avoid by wiggling that same ass around the office.”

Thomas let her continue stoking up and down his dick for the rest of the ride back, he wasn’t sure which she’d go for, but it was a win either way.